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Name: Clarice Soraruki
Age: 28

Location:The one in Japan.
Family Symbol: Clarice's family symbol is the picture of a bird flying out from the ring. Its open wings stretch down the lengths of the ring.

Appearance: Clarice is a very short and petite, standing at five foot three. Clarice's hair reaches down a little passed her chest and is naturally black, however she often dyes it different colors (or simply wear a wig), her favorite being purple. When it comes to makeup Clarice is very creative. She doesn't just stick to simple skin tones or clever shading, but often uses a variety of colors for her eyeshadow. That doesn't mean she walks around with a rainbow on eyelids (though she has done it once), but she has no qualms with going all over the color wheel and has a talent for matching her colors with her clothing, her hair, or both. She has even used glitter or those plastic jewelry pieces to further accent her style.

When it comes to her clothes, she can be just as creative as with her cosmetics. Clarice doesn't stick to trends, but creates her own. Other than magically making clothes you wouldn't think of putting together look great, she often makes her own clothes. For one, Clarice is very talented when it comes to sewing and owns a variety of threads and materials to allow her to make her own shirts or dresses or whatever she wants. She also can make her own out of other clothing. Clarice has a fondness for corsets and often uses them to create her own short dresses.

Clarice mostly likes to wear skirts and casual dresses and if she's ever wearing jeans and shorts it's most usually under a short dress or a long shirt. Her fondness has made her an excellent fighter in a skirt and heels, but if she's sure she'll end up in a battle she'll wear more appropriate clothing. When she is wearing jeans, she usually wears skinny jeans and most often wears converse shoes. Clarice is also fond of wearing knit hats. Because of her size, Clarice is often mistaken for being younger than she really is (and not usually in a flattering way). On the inside of her left palm she has the rune of Voyance and on the arm of the same side, the rune of Dexteritas.

Like most if not all Shadowhunters, Clarice's gear is black, lightweight leather. However, by using a very fine knife she's carved her own designs into the leather, making it unique to herself. (SORRY I CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE I KNOW I'M BAD. DX)

Personality: Clarice is a very enthusiastic shadowhunter. When speaking to her it seems very likely that this girl doesn't have a bad day. She has an uncanny way of looking at the bright side of things, even if that bright side isn't so ideal. She is an avid believer in embracing one's true selves and is, as such, unapologetic for whatever part of her is seen as unappealing to others. She values beauty and uniqueness of any sort, though liking the way something looks or acts doesn't make her any less likely to get rid of it. If she has a job that needs doing, she'll finish it with all speed no matter how dazzling her target is.

When in the heat of battle, Clarice is very serious. Though she may tease or taunt her opponent, she doesn't take weakness, a lack of effort, or a lack of efficiency as an excuse. Unless debilitating, injuries aren't much of an excuse to her and she'll most certainly look down on you if you try and use them. Unless you can prove otherwise to her later, you'll always be seen as a weak link. Her fighting spirit is indeed very strong and Clarice gets genuine enjoyment from battling or sparring or simply practicing. Her size allows her to be quick and nimble, which she is overjoyed in utilizing. Outside of a battle, Clarice tries to keep the mood light (unless she's currently looking down on you) and not too gloomy and serious. While being diligent is an awesome sign of commitment, she finds it to be very stuffy when it's not absolutely necessary. Clarice is the type to spread her wings and would like room for it.

Speaking of room, Clarice doesn't mind some room for her own little stunts. Along with an adventurous attitude, Clarice can also be reckless. Honestly, she isn't much of a planner and would rather jump into a situation and wing it instead of making a carefully calculated plot. She may be a little more subdued if too many lives were at stake, but as a fan of the unorthodox, swooping in somewhere on some quickly crafted zipline like in the movies sounds all too sweet. Clarice has no qualms against doing something a little wild and exciting. She's a natural born party animal, so all night at a club or walking away from an explosion in slow-mo would more than likely get a yes from her.

Clarice is generally a lot of fun, but when she gets angry she very quickly becomes no fun. Clarice is not one of those people who can be pretty and angry at the same time. Often times when she's furious she cries, even though she isn't angry over anything particularly sad. When she's angry this way she's prone to throw things or maybe even try to attack you, so it's best to watch out. Anger without tears is usually more serious and in these moments she becomes more of a leader. She is much more commanding and much less herself. She'll be much more willing to form a long plan or set forth the strictest rules. If she's this way, it would be more likely after some sort of mission failure. Luckily, Clarice is more prone to being irritated with someone than completely angry and it's easy to tell when she's about to cross that line. She does not easily bounce back from being upset and it usually takes her some good time to herself to get her mood back to normal.

Clarice isn't so fond of a bunch of rules or scheduled lifestyles. She's a very free person and loves to live life having as much fun as possible. However, when it comes to her Shadowhunter duties she's very serious and she lets nothing get in the way of that.

History: Clarice was born in Japan and, until the start of this RP, has been there all her life. Through some wonderful and unmentioned education, Clarice is both fluent in Japanese and English. Clarice's name is actually an English nickname and prefers to be called such by others (besides her parents of course). Clarice's family is known for their fighting ability and spirit and she is no exception. Her family, in fact, have successfully taken over as heads of the institution for decades and Clarice practices heavily and constantly so she may also become the head after her father. However, that's not the only reason she practices. She was not present at the Scarlet Battle and neither was her parents, but the bloodshed that occurred from a simple trick had enraged her since she first heard the story. She trains so she can avenge the fallen innocent, in fact, that wish has fueled her loyalty as a Shadowhunter.
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