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Realistically? Right now, no. In the future? Yeah.

Back in the day, arcades were common. But they started losing share to the less advanced home console market since this was, for the average person, a more convenient form of gaming. Then home consoles started advancing at a rapid pace, and soon the arcades started closing down, one by one, until only a very tiny number remained.

The same will happen with the mobile gaming market - It already has the console market beat for convience. And as the home consoles did to the arcades, eventually technology will advance to the point where the mobile market will do the same to the console market.

But this is rather far off - The mobile markets will make small gains on the console markets yearly, but I don't see it replacing it for at least another decade. Perhaps a decade and a half.

Well, actually - Now that I think about it, maybe not. Home consoles replaced arcades quickly since they were unable to adapt to consumer demands - That is, gaming at home. Consumer demands now are multi capable consoles - Consoles that do more then just play games. But given that the mobile markets can do the same thing, it's a matter of what advances quicker - Odd's are that it's the mobile market that would do so.

Edit - I differientiate between the console gaming market and the pc gaming market. The mobile market will eventually put a end to the console market, but I don't forsee a end to the pc market since it's more adaptable. Specifically, the desktop market - Laptops and netbooks will be replaced by smartphones/tablets but the desktop market would survive mainly since desktops would always have superior hardware and specific functions that the smartphone/tablet market couldn't take over.
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