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    Originally Posted by Archeops View Post
    Impressive work on the newer sprites, Chaos. I have a question, though; are you going to redo Archeops's backsprite? It's anatomically incorrect, since Archeops's wings are like arms; it cannot fold them in, as is the case in your backsprite.
    Yes, I will be re-doing the backsprite eventually. I'm considering re-doing Swoobat's as well.

    The reason why the newer backsprites might look a lot better than the older ones is because:
    1) naturally, I got better over time
    2) I didn't have a 3DS when I made the earlier sprite
    Ever since I have had my 3DS XL and Pokedex 3D Pro, I can now make much better looking custom backsprites.

    Usually for the Unova backsprites, I'll cut out a portion of the B2/W2 backsprite and then enlarge it, then edit/clean it up. Most of the Unova backsprites were made like this, however, this doesn't work with every Pokemo, such as Swoobat, Archeops, Chandelure, etc. When I made the Swoobat and Archeops backsprites, my only anatomical references were the official art and sprites (I don't watch the anime). Now that I have Pokedex 3D Pro, I can simply move the camera to a good angle behind it, pause the animation, and simply draw what I see on MS Paint. This is why the backsprites of Eelektross and Chandelure look significantly better than Swoobat and Archeops.