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Name: Oliver Wells
Alias Lucas Pattinson
Age: 22
Race: Werewolf
Location: San Diego, California

Appearance: Oliver is probably the skinniest and most pansy-ass werewolf you have ever seen, if you have ever seen a werewolf, that is. He stands at 5'9", weighs a pathetic 140lbs with a pair of thick rimmed glasses and messy brown hair to help give his thin, mousey face a little more character. He has no facial hair, on account he has no talent in growing it. Unfortunately, his effects only seem to give him a physical personality that screams "NERD". The rest of his body type contains next to no muscle, though it's really funny watching him being able to punch through doors thanks to his wolfiness; he often surprises himself and forgets how much strength he actually has. The only 'interesting' part to him are his warm, golden brown eyes, the same colour as all of his brothers. To those not part of the Shadow world, his eyes are a light green.

His clothes are either a size too big for him (passed down from an older and larger pack member) or some kind of comic book/gaming tee (or both) and is often wearing a simple hoodie of some sort. His pants seem to alternate between three or four different pair of jeans and only seems to own one pair of shoes, as no one else has seen him with anything but his black converse.

He wears no jewellery (unless you count his glasses) and has no piercings, but one tattoo; a Triskelion on his back, the pack symbol. Of course, it was against his will (rather, his brothers managed to pin him down and tattoo it on him through his yelling and screaming) but apparently it means a lot to him. Sometimes, he uses it as an excuse that he's 'not so nerdy after all'.

Oliver's wolf form seems to be as sad as as his human form is: skinny, underwhelming and rather un-frightening. His fur is a mousey brown, with dark rings around his eyes and a lighter underbelly. He is constantly wearing a wimpy look, sad-puppy-eyeing people to death rather than actually scaring them. He is yet to master how to acceptably fearsome growl or wolf howl.

Personality: Unconfident and useless are some words that Oliver's pack uses to describe him. Awkward, clueless, lost but most of the time, Oliver has a really hard time just fitting in. He's always liked things that others has seen as nerdy, like comic books, super heroes, video games, and the fact he has terrible vision and the body of an eleven year old doesn't make things any better. Still, he doesn't mind being a nerd. And now that he's part of a wolf pack, he doesn't really have to worry about not having any friends anymore.

Oliver is pretty smart when it comes to anything logical. Maths, science, history, english... even the more creative subjects like art and music he has a working knowledge on how to make it work. When it comes to anything supernatural or "downworldian" though, he has no words. There are no books that can ever help explain what he's going through, so it's a good thing he's got a pack. When his younger wolf brothers and sisters need help with their homework, Oliver can help, and when Oliver needs to know why he can't get the smell of wet dog out of his hair, that's where his wolf siblings can help.

Of course, when it comes to any kind of conflict, by himself, Oliverwould be the one to just run away. With his pack though, he's the guy standing at the back, pretending to know what he's doing as everybody else looks all scary for him. He really is one of the worst werewolves ever.

History: Oliver never knew his biological parents, on account they died when he was very young (one or two or something like that, he was never told the exact date). Instead, his first memories are within the walls of a Sacramento orphanage. This orphanage wasn't one of those horrible ones in clichéd movies where children were treated poorly; Oliver's early years of his life were happy and hardly tragic. Though he was never adopted, his food, clothes, school supplies and anything he needed was paid for by an 'anonymous benefactor' who Oliver never met or cared for (he assumed 'anonymous benefactor' meant 'government funding').

Throughout his school years up to about year 10, Oliver had a small group of friends whom he'd hang out with. They weren't a well moulded group; just a bunch of dudes who would talk about comic books and video games at lunch and after school, and despite them being his friends, he was never someone who could just go and make friends or ask a girl out or get invited to parties. Oliver never longed for the heavily social life, he just didn't like that nobody knew who he was.

Around the fall during his sophomore year, Oliver was on a biology camp to some forest up north of California. A night expedition (during the full moon, mind you) had Oliver separated from the group and he somehow found himself alone in a very dark and very cold forest in the middle of the night. Being a total scaredy cat, Oliver attempted to find his way back, but ended up getting even more lost and more afraid, if that was possible. Next thing he knew, there was a whole lot of howling, growling and suddenly, a very large dog or wolf or bear or mountain lion for all he knew was running at him and grabbed him on the arm. Oliver's little heart couldn't take it any longer and he just passed out.

When he came to, Oliver was surrounded by a bunch of very buff looking dudes looking rather concerned. Of course, he passed out again.

A bucket of water woke the poor boy up again and when these buff looking dudes quickly let Oliver know they weren't here to hurt or do anything horrid to him, Oliver managed to keep his consciousness. One of them, who called himself Rhett, explained that he and the rest of them were werewolves, that he was the 'alpha' of their pack and that Oliver had been accidentally bitten by one of their younger members, making himself a werewolf. Rhett also explained that he and his 'pack', named 'De Sang', had actually been keeping watch over Oliver for some time now, as his parents were actually werewolves themselves, though Oliver himself had not inherited the gene (which was a rare thing to happen, but not unheard of). Rhett had actually been assigned as his guardian, as something rather dark was heading his way sometime in the future and handed him a letter. When Oliver expressed his disbelief, Rhett transformed, prompting the poor boy to pass out again.

Oliver was taken back to his camp and returned home, only to have the orphanage explain that somebody had expressed interest in adopting him. An interview quickly told him that Rhett was the one responsible for providing him his entire life, and was now adopting him into his pack to protect him, teach him and to give him a proper home. Oliver accepted, albeit nervous about abandoning the life that he had built up until now.

Him and his new family (a wolf pack consisting of five families and and 27 wolves (spoiler below with names)) moved south to San Diego and changed his name for his 'protection'. A month later, 'Lucas' first transformation went quite horribly. Not only could he not control it, but his actual 'wolf skills' were horrible: he couldn't hunt, follow his instincts, nothing. His second one was just as bad. And the third. And the fourth, etc. It wasn't until he was about two years into his wolfiness, far longer than anyone else in his pack, that he could actually hold himself during the moon, three years that he could partially change and three and a half years that he could shapeshift on command. Though he has been part of the pack for seven years now, he is called "accident" or "mistake" by his wolf brothers and sisters as his wolf is as skinny and useless as he is, but they still love him like a family. They just don't trust him with any kind of hunt.

Today, Oliver attends university, studying Physics, and works at his Rhett's mechanic shop when he's not working on projects. When his letter opened, Oliver was unsure what to do, but with help from Rhett, decided that he and his 'father' would travel together to New York to understand what exactly was going on.

Other: Oliver's 'pack'
The Pattinsons: Rhett (52) and his younger brother Byron (48) and his daughter, Emily (25); A French-Canadian family, The Roulets: Jacques (39), Béatrice (38) and children Davis (21), Hailey (16) and "adopted" Joey (14); The Garniers: Henry (36), Francine (31), daughter Keira (2) and "adopted children" Yasmine (24), Jeffrey (21) and Samantha (19); The Argents: Scott (28), Karyn (25) and "adopted" children Connor (17) and Chloe (15); The Goldsmiths: siblings David (35), Hannah (33), Liam (31) and twins Gerald (29) and Frank (29). David is married to Tara (30) and have an adopted son, Xin (17); and individuals Charles Jackson (24) and Vincent Russo (28).
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