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    Originally Posted by PinkSapphire View Post
    Question to everyone: Once this RP is finished, would you guys want it to stay alive or not?
    Yes, definitely. Although I would prefer it continue as a sequel rather than sandbox to give people a chance to try new things in the same setting (maybe I want to try playing a new character but keep Yorick around as an npc or something) or give other new people a chance to join a fresher youkai academy (I've learned that many people are wary of joining RPs with many pages under their belts.)

    Originally Posted by gimmepie View Post
    Geras, are you up for some Allister and Raka interaction - or possibly Allister vs Raka for a while?
    Allister wants to fight the battle-crazed martial arts master that can make telekinetic needles with her mind? The one that held off a simultaneous attack from a werewolf, a raijuu, and a crow tengu? Alright, his funeral!

    Really, though, she wouldn't kill him although she does have experience facing mages. If Allister can find her then go for it. I was going to have her hiding in the forest far enough for Solo not to know she's there. You know, the one that's being burned down right now? That could open an opportunity to be found.
    I'll put something cool here eventually.
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