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Hello and welcome to the Eliminationlocke challenge, this is a combination of the Nuzlocke challenge and the random pokemon challenge, Basically you can use a random number generator or a random pokemon generator both of which can be fount by clicking the links below!

Random Number Generator.
Random Pokemon Generator.

Basically how the challenge works is, you pick your team of between 1 and 9, then you randomly generate the number of pokemon you chose and the team you end up with is the team you must use to complete a game you choose, and the challenge is to try and beat the challenge without losing any pokemon, but just like a nuzlocke if a member of your team dies you must release or box it. (Just an FYI so people know, you will need to hack for this )

1. If a pokemon dies it must be released or boxed forever.
2. If you generate a team with NFE's you can choose to evolve the pokemon to it's final form.
3. If you generate a fully evolved pokemon you can choose to use it's pre-evolved form.
4. ALL pokemon must be nicknamed, (usually this is an optional rule but nicknaming your pokemon gives you a bigger bond to them, meaning you treat them with more respect :D)
5. If you generate a legendary you can choose to use it or you can re generate

Optional Rules:
A black out is game over, Regardless if you have spare pokemon generated in your PC.
You must change your battle style to SET.
You can only use the Poke Center a number of times per town.
You cannot generate legendary pokemon.
You may not heal outside the use of Pokémon Centers and moves such as Softboiled.
You may not heal outside of healing items and moves such as Softboiled.
You may not heal outside of battle.
Make comics of your challenge and have fun! (strongly recommended).

How do I know when I have completed the challenge?:
R/G/B: Defeat the Elite Four and Champion.
G/S/C: Defeat the Elite Four and Champion.
FR/LG: Defeat the Elite Four and Champion.
D/P/P: Defeat the Elite Four and Champion.
HG/SS: Defeat the Elite Four and Champion.
B/W: Defeat the Elite Four, N and Ghetsis.
B2/W2: Defeat the Elite Four and Champion.

Here is how the sign-up sheet works:
Ultimate or Solo:
Number of Pokemon:
Team which you generated?:
Any optional rules?:

So here is mine.
Name: Dark Leader Adam.
Game: Emerald.
Ultimate or Solo: Solo.
Number of Pokemon: 4
Team which you generated?: Geodude, Jigglypuff, Relicanth, Silcoon. (I will be using the evolved forms of these pokemon.)

Single Challengers:
Olivia/himan123 - Diamond
Josh - Platinum
AngelicPikachu - Black
Lamp - Fire Red
AoTora - Leaf Green
ShiOkami64 - Leaf Green
Charizard17 - Diamond

Single Champions:
Dark Leader Adam - Emerald
Kraydl - FireRed | Emerald

Ultimate Challengers:
Kraydl - FireRed, Storm Silver, Emerald, Platinum, Black

Ultimate Champions:
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