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    Recruiting a Team Member
    Team name: Team Neo Destiny (Work In Progress)
    Team Leader: Mark Howell (XmarkXalanX)
    Current Members: Mark Howell (XmarkXalanX)
    Current Game title: Pokémon Neo Destiny (Created using Pokémon Essentials v12)
    Current progress made: Maps - Four towns, four routes, two caves, one forest. Had post-game maps, but decided to scrap them. Scripts - ???. Graphics - ???. Story - 50%.
    Position(s) needed: Spriter, Character Design, possibly Scripter, possibly Mapper.
    Timezone: (UTC-05:00) Eastern Standard Time
    Preferred Method of contact: PM.
    Link to your active PC thread:
    Additional info: Currently in need of sprites for new formes of Pokémon, a HGSS-style region map for the Genesis Region, HGSS style door animations, sprites for Gym Leaders/Elite Four, and icons for new items. Pokémon Neo Destiny takes place in a new region created by Mewtwo with the help of other legendaries. New Genesis Region PokéDex. New Items. Custom Moves. This is my first game, so I'm not looking to make it perfect.

    Bonus for Contributing: Any user who contributes to the game will be allowed a custom trainer in Victory Road with a team of their choosing (no Legendaries).
    3DS FC: 1461-6392-0206
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