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    **Unintentionally similar to Daymair- Skylar's Profile.

    Name - Tabris Sheraku
    Age - (13 - 16) 15

    Personality - (min 5 lines)
    Tabris is generally secluded, and is of little words. However he's definately not afraid to speak his mind, and can carry on conversation quite well with those he chooses to do so with. Very difficult to get to open up, even to those who try. Intelligent enough, Tabris is not one to rush into a battle absent-mindedly, especially if the odds are stacked against him. He prefers to be the withdrawn shadow on looking others from a distance, to better knowledge himself about his opponents and their strategies.

    History - (10 lines min, want really interesting charectors)
    Tabris was born in Mahogany Town, a place that has always been a hiding spot for ninjas. Therefore he has raised to be sileant and untrusting. His mother passed away giving birth to his sister, Tsuya. Being only four at the time, Tabris doesn't quite remeber his mother at all, and has learned to keep her out of his mind. His father on the other hand took the passing very hard, but still tried his best to raise the two siblings sololy, for a number of years. However he became citically ill himself, and knowing he didn't have long he quickly raised Tabris to be more self-reliant. Breaking the laws, Tabris' father ventured off to the Ice Path, that separated Mahogany from Blackthorn City, in order to catch a Pokemon that would be able to protect the children when he was gone. For two weeks the brother sister duo got a taste of what their life was going to be from that point. It was at that time that Tabris, eleven-years old took it upon himself to go out in search of his father, only to find more misfortune. For by the time Tabris found his father within the darkness of the Ice Path, he was already dead. Traumatized and alone Tabris was overcome by feirce wild pokemon, hense the scar under his left eye. Luckily he was saved by an understanding Sneasel, and from there on both he and the Sneasel "Snease" were as close as could be (much like how Erika and her Gloom are in the Anime.) Together Tabris and Snease burried the remains of his father inside the cave, before heading back to Mahogany. Now forced to live on the streets Tabris and Tsuya moved from town to town and city to city (this is when Tabris "caught" his other Pokemon). Until a recent day, while in Goldenrod, Tabris was greeted by a trench coated, bowler capped, scarf sporting individual who offered him a letter. Inside was a token and the letter described a Pokemon Battle Competition. Seeing the prize of the winner and their family being offered the chance to move into Kanto, Tabris knew that this was the once in a lifetime opportunity for he and his sister to start an actual life. He needless to say took the challenge without hesitation.

    Description (or a picture, 5 lines minimal)

    Tabris is short, only 4'9'' and is also quite thin. He has distinguishable messy white hair and seemingly flouresent lime eyes, with a scar across his cheek under the left. Always wearing a very deep (almost black) puffy scarf and matching fingerless gloves. On his right elbow he sports shinobi bandageing, as well around his left knee. On top, a tight fitting white sleeveless t-shrit, while on bottom he has very loose orange shorts, held up by a number of belts, though only one actually serves a perpous as the others are hung loosely. Over his feet, Tabris has buldgey brown boots accented by useless gears.

    Pkmn 1 species - Sneasel (Female) **If alright? Has a forest green feather (Not Shiny just unique) Also wears a scarf similar to Tabris'**
    Pkmn 1 nickname - Snease
    Pkmn 1 moveset - (4) X-Scissor, Double-Team, Icy Wind, Beat Up

    Pkmn 2 species - Persian (Female)
    Pkmn 2 nickname - Shawkeyrah
    Pkmn 2 moveset - (4) Slash, Water Pulse, Thunder Bolt, Feint Attack

    Pkmn 3 species - Ivysaur (Male)
    Pkmn 3 nickname - Terrarium
    Pkmn 3 moveset - (4) Razor Leaf, Leech Seed, Stun Spore, Double-Edge

    Pkmn 4 species - Flareon (Male)
    Pkmn 4 nickname - NiteLite (Was named by Tsuya, Tabris Prefers to just call him Lighter)
    Pkmn 4 moveset - (4) Fire Blast, Bite, Flamethrower, Smokescreen

    Pkmn 5 Species - Nuzleaf (Male)
    Pkmn 5 nickname - N/A
    Pkmn 5 moveset- (4) Feint Attack, Swords Dance, Soalr Beam, Brick Break