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    The problem is you've got to think of these guys as military forces. You're gonna try anyways, plus theres only eight of them. It's all part of a plot.

    Do you really think the council would send in only 8 to take out 25 including Alder? Heck no, you gotta think deep man, everything has a meaning, but that will be revealed laterz for now enjoy fighting back! Also the guns don't effect pokémon if you hadn't already gathered that from my post

    Do you guys wanna know the plot now or be slowly revealed like I currently am.

    I'll just drop another hint. This is moving on from the battling side of things and more towards the mystery and action packed side of things, like a pokémon ranger game or profesor layton... If you know what that is. I love coming up with plots so if you don't like something PM me and I'll try to revert or change it slightly.

    PS are you beginning to understand everyone?