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Welcome, Momoko! aaaa I never thought of Smeargle as being cute, but that pic melts my heart. Its wittle tongue aw. :p
Thank you! And yes, it does! I wanted a unique Pokemon as my partner which I thought wouldn't be overused, which is also one of my faves, so Smeargle it was!

AEFSADFGaerrgaerAert! *squeeeeee!* ♥ omg that smeargle is sooooooo adorbs~! n.n
Back when name changes were in vogue, I used to have the username "Paint Me Pretty, Smeargle" :3
So I definitely agree~ Smeargle is wayyy cute~
Added~ And I'm saving that pic. Gosh it's just so darn cute!
Hahaha, I know, right? :D And that is an awesome name, but I like Pachy, too!
If you've added me I haven't seen any friend request. :o Sorry if it seems like I've been ignoring you!

Do you think any cute Pokemon try to use their cuteness to their advantage?
Sadly, I haven't seen much of the Pokemon anime at all, but I still think they you use their utter cuteness to their advantage, yes!

Here are a bunch of adorable Pokemon pictures!



I love Eevee!

Here is something that will melt your heart!


Squeee! >u<