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    Originally Posted by Quopol View Post
    I think whatever in math was right has been discovered and whatever is incorrect in math has been invented...

    I heard someone mentioned a cube and square. We can find the area and volume of a cube/square by various formulas but the style of those may be different. But it works, so shouldn’t it be true because volume and areas exist in every kind of 2-D and 3-D shapes imaginable?
    This entire post.
    I've quoted here because I want to point out we were discussing assuming as if it was all correct, but I like your ideas.

    The cube/square scenario was describing perspective, so if you look at a cube face on it looks like a square right? But if you have had and can not have any other view of the cube other than face on you would assume it was simply a square and had no evidence to prove otherwise .
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