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    Originally Posted by gimmepie View Post
    @Livewire - Exactly! I couldn't have put it better myself.

    @Quopol - That is an interesting perspective that has yet to appear and it is indeed well thought out but I must continue to respectfully disagree. The issue with your view isn't correct vs incorrect, it is that it still views mathematics and the principals it describes as the same thing.

    Incorrect maths is invented just as you said and pretty much for the reasons you said. I'll give you that one. But correct mathematics was also invented - correct mathematics just means we are using the language of mathematics to accurately describe a discovered principal. In this sense correct mathematics is the equivalent of writing a non-fiction book whilst incorrect mathematics is more like writing a narrative.

    It is as Livewire, myself and a few others on here have said. You are all viewing mathematics as though the formula we use to calculate gravity is the same thing as the actual force of gravity.
    I agree with your idea that we try our best to understand gravity with our formulas, but it doesn't make them equivalent. The formulas aren't what makes math beautiful. It's our world that makes it so.
    EDIT: I forgot to mention... Sorry that I sent the wrong message. I agreed with your idea while I was writing my post. I'm not so great at writing and I'm open for constructive criticism. How can I make it so that these kind of incidences don't happen again? Thank you for taking your time to answer my question (if you do so).
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