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    Application as promised, Pink.

    Name: Marie Cardinal Taylor Raven Swift III.

    Nickname: Mary (But she hates it because people spell her name wrong when they say it.)

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18

    Species: Lycan

    Appearence: Marie is very beautiful, with beautiful hair that looks like gold, but it isn't, and a colorful streak going through it that changes color with her mood. She's very slim and lithe, but with curves that mean she has to cover up or everyone would be staring at them all the time. She wears whatever seems appropriate to wear, and manages to make it look stylish, normally. She also has a slight buzz around her all the time, form her passive telekinetic abilities that are ready to run on a moment's notice!

    In her wolf form, Marie is almost as beautiful (To other wolves), with luxurious golden fur that sways in the wind and eyes that are just as loving. She doesn't wear clothes while being a wolf, but some of her jewelry remains in her wolf form's ears or around its neck.

    Personality: Marie is very loving to most people, and sometimes naive, but she has a good head on her shoulders and trusts her instincts. Since turning into a Lycan, she's become more artistic, and loves to spend her time singing to people, but this changes for anyone who keeps insulting her and won't stop, and she gets very angry at them. She normally has a lot of friends and makes them quickly, but she's very nervous about attending her new school and wants to make the best impression she can, especially as she'll be new to the classes. She's never been to a real school before.

    History: Marie was born in the big city of the Youaki world, a normal wolf with normal wolf parents, except for the fact that her parents didn't have regular fur; they had golden fur. They were greatly prized as the only family to have fur of pure gold and were highly prized for it, living very rich lives and giving birth to their cheerful little daughter at their own young age. She lived in luxury for many years, but was always nice to the servants by not biting them and dropped expensive things out of the window for the beggars, even though she was only a regular golden wolf.

    When she grew up, she and her parents were out for a walk by themselves, because they were responsible and their owners knew it, when suddenly, a woman leaped out of the bushes; with beautiful, long blonde hair and a long steak going through the bangs, but it was all she could see, as the woman was masked! She yelled at Marie's parents for being human sympathizers and killed the expensive wolves on the street, blowing them up with her mind and leaving little Marie, who was hiding behind a dumpster, alive.

    Marie was very sad because of this and her owners couldn't find her, even when she cried. She wandered the streets for a bit, until she slept outside of a telly store and woke up to the most beautiful singing voice in the world, and looked at the TV to see the model who won Miss Youkai Paegant for the fifth year in the row; and all her feelings of goodness from before and the sadness at her parents dying rose, turning her into a Lycan that looked just like the beautiful model, and with her singing voice! She even got a streak going through her amazing blonde hair that could change colors.

    But, when in human form, her hair was only blonde, and not real gold, so she was still poor and couldn't find home. She was adopted by another rich man, who was very kind to her, but he had a drunk wife who would hit her with an iron when he wasn't looking, but she forgave her drunk mother anyway, because even her parents dying and having not-gold hair couldn't put her down enough. Then, they found out that the assassin that killed Marie's parents was still on the loose, and had been spotted sneaking around their mansion! Marie's drunk mother, wanting her safety and for her to learn to be a real girl, sent her on an emergency reservation to Youkai Academy, because she really loved her and was trying to teach her about human life all along.

    Weakness: Marie is a bit too naive and her shyness makes her clumsy, sometimes. She's also very scared of the assassin that's hunting her, who killed her parents.

    Other: I can not lie.

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