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Mackenzie O'Connell // Wildling Day 1.3
"Yep," Mackenzie said under his breath. Yeah, he'd never really thought about a name until now. Of course, he wouldn't give himself one. That seemed lame. The best nicknames were given to you by your friends because you did something stupid or were really tall or something. Maybe someone in this class. He gave his peers another look over again. His eyes were caught to the Middle-Eastern girl, previously mentioned as "Dune" or Yunia. He probably wouldn't remember either, but she seemed pretty cute. Maybe a little up herself, but maybe he could cheat off her on exams or something later on.

His eyes returned to his hands when the French lady started to talk about school things again. She started to list a very long list of subjects that they had to study but apparently they could learn classes super quickly. Was it like the Matrix? Did they stick a thing in their neck and they uploaded information? Maybe Mackenzie could learn Martial Arts since this seemed to be the laziest way possible. Wait... Psychic... was that like bending spoons? That was in the Matrix too. Did he bring his DVD with him? He had a real hankering to watch it now.

His ear perked up when the teacher said his name again. Animal Physiology and... Biology? Was that the one where you had to cut up the frogs? That seemed kinda fun, maybe. But what did frogs have to do with his ability? Maybe he was getting this confused with something else. He should probably listen more. Maybe.

At the mention of questions, Mackenzie shook his head and rested his head on the desk. He was sure the other classmates were going to ask something profound about their abilities. Something like 'Will my life ever be the same?'. Lame.
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