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    Penance 'Defender' Malum

    Penance watched the scene unfold from a rooftop at the scene occurring. Vera... Hanso... Brynn... and Soverign. Yes, something was happening there, something big. Penance cocked his head as he saw the psychics go inactive, no doubt having now entered the dragon's mind. He had to turn his gaze away to view the other parts of the battle. Death was in the air... death of many great souls for the greater good. He could feel a small smile forming on his beak and a light giggle escaped his bill. He chuckled a bit more and let the wind caress his skin. Oh yes, a good day to feel more than ever the need to live.

    He opened his eyes slowly as that crazed smile formed back on his face, "Hehe... what do they have in store today?" He cooed to himself as he stared down at the scene unfolding. The dragon had stabbed Vera, but still wasn't responding. Penance actually thought he was going to eat her, but to his disappointment the lizard instead began to scream and holler. Within his crazed mind an opportunity popped up.

    No healers... let Hanso take care of it. He knows how to heal and in fact can save her life... if he acts fast enough. Get a unit there though to get her to safety. That will work for our favor.

    Penance smirked as he saw a unit of his troops heading to the female on the ground. They had a stretcher and were waiting for the right opportunity to get in and take away the female to a safe house that had been resecured. At this point the fighting was dying around them and it would be easy to keep her safe and out of harm's way. All the chips had to be protected now.

    Penance smirked all the while as his mind whirled. Yes.. everything was working to plan... all neat and compact.


    As Snype clashed with the Kirlia in the blink of an eye the Kirlia was... a Sableye? This mirror image of Snype perfectly blocked his attack, a smirk forming on the copy's face, "What is the matter? Never fought yourself before Snype?" He cooed at the Sableye.

    Meanwhile the Grumpig had turned into a Jolteon and chuckled when the lightning hit it. "Thank you for the energy boost." She cooed as she sent out a bolt of lightning right at Snype just as his copy disentangled his claws and leaped away.

    "Nice forms you two have." The clone Sableye stated. "Good attacks... question. Can you two keep up with yourselves?"