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    Originally Posted by Sunfished View Post

    And a free art program?
    I'm currently using a PhotoShop version that my cousin "gave" me. While I'm pretty sure it can be sent to other people, I would first check if either Paint.NET or GIMP is free, because I'm pretty sure those are.
    Yeah both Paint.NET and GIMP are free. I've dabbled a bit with both but I prefer GIMP. It's closer to photoshop in my opinion.

    Also, sorry I haven't contributed anything in about two weeks (not that I was making important contributions), I just haven't 1) had the time and 2) been inspired. I'll see if I can put something out sometime this week.

    Last thing, since Sunfished so kindly put out a list of what the main "staples" of a generation were left, I thought of something that isn't so much of a "staple" but an "accessory". A two-stage water type line! The first stage being a wimpy, sorry looking fish that can do very little and the second stage being something that looks, for lack of a better word, cool and is actually a viable option for battle. In first generation there was Magikarp and Gyrados and in third generation there was Feebas (spent hours looking for his stupid tile) and Milotic. I guess we'll see if I come up with anything for that too, but don't let that stop anyone for coming up with a design of their own.
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