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Cape City

Zane proceeded down to the gates of the Stoneguard, along with Sword and Shield. When he reached there, along with the many different Alpha Alliance soldiers fighting to defend the 'battering ram' Pokemon squad, he also found the Swift and Dryad fighting there, as well as General Belas directing his forces. In waves, the Ancients poured upon them, desperate to not give ground to the Alpha Alliance, who were at the doors of their capital building. Zane believed, and probably everyone else thought so too, that if they would capture and hold the Stoneguard, Cape City's battle would be tilted in their favor.

Sword and Shield, who fought by Zane, decided he would help with the other Pokemon trying to break open the gates, and headed over to them. Meanwhile, Zane, Dryad, the Swift, and the bulk of the Alpha Alliance forces protected them as Ancients poured from all across the city onto their position. Multiple Ancients began entangling with Alpha Alliance forces, while a group of them aimed for the Gold Tribe's position. The Swift and Dryad were each surrounded by their own Ancients, while Zane was surrounded by his own group. A pair of Omastars, a Bastiodon, two Archeops, and a Kabuto. Zane looked around, checking to make sure there were no other surprises nearby that he could expect, before charging in. He rammed right into the Bastiodon, who also targeted him with a Headbutt. In terms of force, however, it was no match for Zane's Iron Head, which crashed right into the skull of the Ancient. There were the deep, resounding cracks of bones crunching, and the Bastiodon toppled over, its eyes going behind its head, and it twitched it's legs a few more times, before coming to a halt. The Omastars blasted at Zane with a dual set of Water Guns. Zane rolled to the side to maneuver around the high-powered water blast, and managed to avoid the first wave, but was struck by the attack on his shoulder by the second one. He held the shoulder with his arm in pain, but only for a moment, as he knew the Ancients wouldn't give him that moment to recover. The Omastars began to prepare for another set of water guns, while the Archeops began swooping in from above to try and strike the Bisharp from above. Zane knew that if he stayed at a distance from them, he would be torn apart. He needed to close the distance, but that would risk a higher chance of being hit by the water guns, a risk he would have to make. He ran forward, his legs carrying him as fast as they could. He simultaneously tried avoiding the claws of the Archeops, and the water guns at the same time, all while charging at the Omastar pair. Unfortunately, as the distance closed, it became harder to avoid the guns effectively, and Zane found himself taking a direct his from one of them to his chest. Pain flooded the region of impact, but it only deterred him for a moment. With adrenaline pumping through his system, he tried to ignore the pain and make his way to the Omastars, who looked surprisingly at him as he collided with them both, slashing apart one, while breaking the other with another Iron Head. At this moment, both Archeops swooped in again. Zane jumped up high enough to meet one, managing to avoid their Fly attacks and jumping onto the back of one. With all of his might, he struck its back with an Aerial Ace, the precision of the attack hitting its target right on its neck, snapping it, causing the beast to begin to plummet. Before it fully did, however, used the force behind his legs and jumped off, and towards the other flying Ancient. He moved his left hand back, and then reached forward through the air, cutting at the Ancient with an Aerial Ace, while it tried to avoid. However, Zane couldn't be denied, and the beast took the attack nearly directly, and fell towards the ground at high impact. If the attack didn't kill it, the impact certainly did. Zane fell towards the ground, impacting at the ground in a bit of a lighter way than his opponent, but still with enough force to damage himself a bit. He rolled over on impact, but got up quick enough to continue the fight.

As he prepared to get back into the fight, Zane suddenly felt a tremor, and looked at where he believed the point of origin was. There, he noticed as two object, he believed to be large Pokemon, collided right into one of the larger buildings in Cape City, and together between them managed to bring the entire building down around them, and also according to Zane's eyes, a few of the surrounding buildings. Zane had a feeling the impact was connected to the darkening skies, even though he didn't have the time to confirm in. He was suddenly plunged back into his own troubles as he saw the battering ram Pokemon go in for another strike at the gates, and then another, and another. They struck in unison with impact-centered attacks, like Tackle, Giga Impact, and Double-Edge, with Sword and Shield leading the way. General Belas directed as the group impacted into the slowly cracking door. After a few more heaves, the large gates of the Stoneguard burst open, followed by a victorious roar from Sword and Shield, and to which others followed suit. Without delay, Alpha Alliance soldiers, and the Gold Tribe around, began making their way into the capital building, taking down any Ancients that got in the way.

Just as Zane reached inside the tower, he suddenly felt another tremor, feeling a bit like an Earthquake. He was certain it came from the general area of the first attack, which mean that whatever was going on there, was only escalating, especially if it meant that it was powerful enough to reach all the way to the Stoneguard. Refocusing, Zane continued up through the Stoneguard, vanquishing all of the Ancient which gave them resistence. And every single one of them did. He felt himself becoming more exhausted with each strike he made, but in his mind he knew that they only needed a little more. A little more, and they could win this battle!

Belas roared his armies through the capital building, and with the same intensity and ferocity of their leader, the armies did their part, as did the Gold Tribe. After much more difficult battling towards the upper levels, Zane soon found himself clearing out what remained of the Stoneguard. The building, paid for with many lives, was taken. From a window at the top of the building, Zane peered at the city below, where pockets of battling were still going on. He panted heavily, but allowed himself this brief moment of recovery, and for a smile to begin forming on his face. After battling for most of the day, the city was falling under their control. Victory was in the Alpha Alliance's grasp.

Suddenly, a tremor of unimaginable proportions felt its way to their position, with many soldiers inside the tower needing to grab hold of something to prevent themselves from falling over. In the distance of the city, Zane witnessed with disbelief as an apparent clash of force and power began ripping a large portion of the city in two. Ruptures and cracks formed along the ground of Cape City, and expanded to form a large hole right in the middle of the battlefield. Buildings nearby collapsed, shattered, and fell through, and even those further away experienced the shock. After a while, the tremors stopped, a large cloud of dust and smoke forming around the area. When it cleared, Zane saw the extent of the damage, a large fissure right in the center, expanding across the terrain. It appeared as though harm came not only to the Pokemon who fought, but also to the city which inhabited the fighting. This was the result, perhaps a permanent part of it. This was Cape City's battlescar.


Not far beyond its borders, two Pokemon walked towards the chaos of Cape City. One of them, a Scizor, confidently strode towards it. Even the extent of the damage which had been caused didn't deter him. For he was one of the last of the Sentinels, and one of the more skilled ones. Drake, known as "Sentry".

"Quite a sight," He said aloud, mostly to himself, as his companion who accompanied him was not a very talkative Pokemon (though neither was Sentry). The other Pokemon was hidden in a cloak, covered its body from the eyes of the outside world. The battle for Cape City was coming to a close, but their plans were far from over.

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