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    Accatosh "Blitzkrieg" Corronis

    Accatosh listened as battle sounded throughout the air. then he took off to the air to find what the situation was.

    when he found a place to land he landed and surveyed the situation. there was a strange looking tyranitar and what looked like Paladin standing across from each other... something was wrong... the Paladin he knew didn't look like the Paladin he saw now.

    he heard a shout from somewhere: "SOMEONE HELP!!!" he turned to look in the direction of the shout it was Hanso, with a Blaziken and a Gardevoir. Accatosh decided to avoid the fight between this weird Paladin and strange Tyranitar.

    Accatosh flew over to Hanso and when he reached where they were he saw that the gardevoir was Hanso's sister... they had never been officially introduced. he saw a team of pokemon coming to help them, so Accatosh landed and approached slowly. taking the situation in slowly... he wondered if it was a good idea to offer his help... considering that the two psychics were staring at each other.

    Accatosh finally made his decision, he turned his head down to watch the team of pokemon come in with the stretcher, "what happened?" he asked.