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"You... I fought you in Albia..." Sovereign was surprised as the whole of the city finally came into focus. So much destruction. "Did I...?"

But it seemed there was no moment of reprieve for Sovereign, as a Salamence had come flying in. "What happened?" He had a brief flash of Ragnaros. He gave no response, too ashamed to speak about what he had just done. He remembered what he needed to do. But first, he had to make sure Vera would be alright.

Tears were no longer coming from his eyes, but the marks could be seen from where they had. For all that Sovereign was concerned about the hole in Vera's stomach, he was more concerned about the lashes over her whole body. "Warrior, what happened?" he asked Hanso, too distressed to remember what his real name was.

He looked over to see a group of Pokemon with a stretcher. "Who are you...?"