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    Looks cool! Mind if i reserve?

    Full name: Alicea Shay Bernard
    Age: [11-18] 14
    Appearance: [1+ paragraphs]

    Alecia is a very shy and timid person and her appearance reflects that. She has very pale skin, showing most of her time is spent indoors, and light, mouse brown hair. Her hair is straight and neat, and hang to her shoulders. She keeps it out of her face with a pair of butterfly hair pins. Her eyes are a very light blue and generally looking down, and away from others, a sign of her timidness. She is fairly short, and wears a long grey designer dress, which covers most of her body. Her arms are left bare, and are usually held to her chest, as if to protect herself from something. She wears a pair of white pumps, and white tights as well. A very mild appearance, so as not to draw attention to the shy girl.

    History: [2+ paragraphs]

    Alecia was born in a quiet little town in the country. She lived a quite normal life and grew up away from most people. Although her parents were quite wealthy from striking oil ten years before her birth, she was kept out of school. Her parents stayed away from her, instead hiring many caretakers and tutors, who taught her manners and handled her schooling, raising her. However, she never had many of them for too long. Her life was quiet, and she was shifted around the countryside as her parents continued in the oil business. But then it all changed.

    When she was 12 her parents were killed in an oil accident. There was nothing anyone could have done. Luckily, Alicea was away at the time, but the news devastated her. She withdrew even more into herself, even while her very large estate and inheritance was taken away by her parent's company, pulling all sorts of legal trickery to make the 12 year old look mentally unstable, not to mention pointing out that she was only twelve. So instead of her being able to take over her parents company when she grew up, she was left with only a very large trust fund, which she couldn't touch until she was at least 21, and only after a psychiatric examination, which of course would be held by someone on the payroll of her parents old company. In short, she lost everything. And while this legal battle was going on over her head, Alecia spent the next two years in foster homes and group homes. Her future was uncertain.

    The increased stress from all that was going on around her awakened her powers, and while they mainly went unnoticed, her last foster moster, a graduate of the academy, discovered her. She wrote to the Gilded Halls on Alecia's behalf, and got her accepted. The now fourteen year old was then shipped to her next destination, the Gilded Halls.

    Ability name: Thermal Control

    Explanation: [1+ Paragraphs]

    Alecia's power is an interesting one. She can control how hot or cold something is. This can range from heating a pot of water to a boil all the way to creating blizzards out of the rain. But she can't do any of that just yet. Her can effect a vast range of things. She can even create flame if there is enough fuel for a spark, such as paper and the like. It can be a very powerful ability, or a very weak one. At the present she can barely radiate a varience of about plus or minus ten degrees from the current temperature. Basically make you shiver a bit if you stand too close. It is not effected by distance, she an just as easily effect something twenty feet away as she can two feet away as well.

    Limitations: [1+ Paragraph or bullet points]

    1. What she effects has to be within her line of sight. If she can't see it she can't effect it.
    2. It works on how focused she is. If she is too scared or too angry she doesn't lose control, she just loses her power until she is calm again.
    3. If she is underwater when she does it, her powers have a reduced effect. Same if she is trying to effect something underwater.
    4. if she uses her powers too much it begins to effect her, meaning if she heats something too long she will begin to get hot. Maybe one degree for every ten minutes she is using her power. This can prove deadly, as if she gets too hot or too cold her own power will kill her.
    5. She has no special protection from high or low temperatures. So if she heats the room up, she will begin to suffer from heat stroke and possibly death. This is distinctly different from the previous point, because this can happen instantly. Not only does she have a time limit, her body limits her on how much she can do at one time, assuming it is close enough to hurt her.

    Room Number: [1-8: If two people reply the same number, they will share a room] 4
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