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You're reserved JNathan :3. Here is my character now~

Name: Jamie Lane
Age: 15

Appearance: [Reference] Standing at just five-foot-one, Jamie is one of the shorter boys his age. His brown hair is shaggy, fairly long and is normally unkept - he doesn't worry about his appearance much, he likes how it looks au natural. The disheveled strands are long enough to cover his dark green eyes, however Jamie normally sweeps them to the side.

Clothing wise, Jamie likes to wear baggy cargo pants and a hoody - a complete contrast to his old, private school uniform. His clothes tend to be along the grey-scale, with bursts of neon colour here and there.

History: Jamie grew up in money, he had many things handed to him when he was a child and that undoubtedly shaped him as a person. He quickly learnt that his parents could afford to fix any mistake he made and that anything he wanted was just a phone-call away. This spoiling led to a very demanding child, especially as he came into his teenage years, and his attitude at home and school changed for the worst.

He was fortunate enough to attend a highly-regarded private school, preparing him for the pressures of university. He had plenty of friends at the school, although his Mum did not approve of any of them. Jamie's small friend circle managed to include most of the troublemakers in school, a week did not go by without a disappointed phonecall home from Jamie's homeroom teacher. The final straw was being caught red-handed, spraying graffiti over the school emblem in the main hall.

Unfortunately, due to his behaviour at school, Jamie was permanently excluded. As he became more and more unruly, moving from school to school, his parents ran out of ideas. Despite his constant refusal, his father wrote off to a number of boarding schools. Curiously, the only one to reply was Gilded Halls.

Ability name: Sound control

Explanation: Jamie can manipulate the frequency of sounds - in most cases he uses his voice as the trigger, however clapping or clicking works to a lesser effect. By raising the frequency he can cause objects to vibrate. Jamie has found that his power is useful for opening locks. Due to his ability, he has developed much more sensitive hearing than most people and can hear frequencies outside of the normal human range.

  • Jamie is unable to weaponise sound at present - at best he can give people a mild headache.
  • He struggles to maintain a single frequency for more than a few seconds.
  • Echolocation-frequencies are still out of his hearing range.

Room Number: 7
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