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    I really shouldn't join another roleplay.

    Full name: Beege Davis
    Age: 16

    Appearance: Beege is what you would call a skater. He tends to wear dark grey skinny jeans, flannel button-ups, and beanies. He has long brown hair that he straightens daily. Normally it's curly, and can be described as stoner hair, but when he straightens it it hangs down to his shoulders in thick brown sheets. He has a very thin stature, and he stands at about 5'8. His face is angular, and pretty good looking, but not gorgeous. His eyes are a stormy grey, and he has a bit of a scruffy beard that he shaves daily. He normally rolls his sleeves up so his arms are bare. He has a leather watch that he always wears, not necessarily for time, but to look cool. He has a tattoo of the Triforce (Completely out of context) on the bottom of his left arm. Normally he can be seen with headphones on, listening to punk rock.

    History: Beege was born in a large, if not huge city. His parents raised him lovingly and took their time teaching him what was wrong and right. His father was a paramedic, and his mother was a nurse, so they had plenty of money to throw around and what-not. He grew up with a very normal life and went to a school that had a massive amount of students, ranging yearly from fifteen hundred to twenty-five hundred. Beege was pretty popular, so he was known throughout the entire school for being known as either the "Bro" or the "Ladies' man" seeing as he was smooth as crap, and was a good friend, be it hanging out or having a conversation. He never had to try in school. He's extremely intelligent, and tries just enough to pass his classes with flying colors.

    When he was fifteen, his parents began to pay a little less attention to him, and eventually they just flat-out ignored him. After this, Beege grew to be a bit depressed, but he refused to let that affect him negatively. He carried on with his life until he accidentally turned his hand into concrete. It only lasted for a couple seconds, but it was long enough for everyone in his classroom to notice. His teacher, who happened to know of the academy, wrote to them the next day. He was soon sent off to the new school, and he was excited. Beege was always up for adventure, and this would be the ultimate adventure of his entire life.

    Ability name: Self Transmutation

    Explanation: Beege can turn his body into natural materials, or various metals such as ironm, steel, or aluminum. This ability can be used for various things, such as creating armor, tools, or just killing time to see what you can do. If he manages to manages to master his power, he can turn his body into materials such as diamond for as long as he wants. However, the most he can do at the moment is to turn his arms into granite for a solid five minutes. If he can concentrate long enough he can transmutate inanimate objects as well, but that's very difficult for him because he has a bit of an attention disorder. Again, if he masters that ability, he can turn things into really rare materials. He needs to concentrate around ten seconds for the change to take place, and it only lasts for a couple minutes. The main use of this ability is for turning heavy into a light material so it can be tossed aside.

    1: This requires a great amount of concentration, and Beege has a concentration problem
    2: If he turns into a light material such as paper, it is quite possible for him to float away.
    3: Heavy materials WILL slow him down.
    4: He can only transmutate inanimate objects smaller than or equal to the size of a medium-sized chair

    Room Number: 5
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