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Here is my SU.
Full name: Nathan Steele
Appearance: Nathan has dirty brown hair stand up on his head, almost defying gravity. He always keeps them at a decent length for the sake of cleanliness. He is a very tall boy with a well built body due to spending hours at the gym he had in his house. His eyes are normal a cat brown color. For the clothing, Nathan love to use dark colors: a white shirt under a black jacket, his black jeans and also black sneakers.
History: Nathan Steele was the kid of two leaders in the business domain. They were always busy and that made them unable to take care of Nathan and see him as he wanted them to. Instead, they engaged a lot of maids who had to take care of him and give him whatever he wanted. But that wasn’t enough to make him happy.
Being a rich kid, Nathan was home-schooled in his early years. But he wasn’t exactly delighted at the thought of being at home 24/7. Unlike all the others children, he couldn’t go out like he wanted. If he needed to leave the house, he always had bodyguards following him wherever he went and that began to anger him. He talked to his parents about this and had an argument with them. They decided to enter him into one of the best private schools of the country. He accepted but after merely a week, he started to have problems there. He was reported of being a bad student; he would beat the students or even insult teachers if he was angry.
He got expelled of the school quickly and his parents decided not to send him in another private school. But Nathan didn’t want this. Secretly, he submitted a lot of applications to the schools and after a little while, the Gilded Halls wrote to his parents and invited him to the school. Nathan’s parents were skeptical at the idea of sending him again but he bugged them day and night and they finally agreed to send him at this school.

Ability name: Iron Control
This ability allow Nathan to control iron at his will. He could transform anything he touched into iron if he was at an advanced stage of control but the current state of his ability only allows him to transform a part of his body into a weaker but still solid version of iron. This could serve him to hit someone or protect himself from harm if needed. However, using this drains his muscles' energy faster than normal.
  • He can only transform a part of his body into iron.
  • He cannot hold the transformation for more than 10 minutes.
  • He cannot transform other people or objects into iron.

Room Number : 4 because it's my favorite number
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