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*Stole you idea of putting the spoiler tags around the ability explanation Swift! Don't kill me! D:*
*Let me know if there's anything wrong and I'll gladly change it.*

Full name: Kevin Blake
Age: 15

Appearance: Kevin stands at a tall five-foot-eleven inches and weighs about 126 pounds. He is a fairly neat looking guy minus his medium length red hair which is usually swept to the side in a hastily, uncombed fashion. His facial features consist of dark green eyes, pale skin and a scar which sits just beside his left eye. He can be seen wearing a pair of glasses when looking at something far away, most commonly in a classroom.

Kevin can most often be seen wearing a pair of jeans, a yellow and black hoodie, a pair of sneakers and a small backpack.

History: Kevin was born into a standard suburban household on the outskirts of the city. Kevin had to reluctantly attend school but paid little attention, he knew school wasn’t for him but there was no telling his parents that. He learned after a while that by causing trouble in school he could get sent home or suspended. The more trouble he caused, the more his parents started to become tiresome of his behaviour.

During his time at what was now high school, Kevin noticed something weird about himself. He could feel some kind of energy building up inside him. He thought nothing of it but when he started picking up electrical items like a TV remote, it would spark and then short circuit. His parents weren’t really sure what to make of this strange behaviour, so they attempted to carry on as normal. However one day a massive argument broke out between him and his parents. Seething with anger Kevin stormed up to his room and placed his hand on his TV. With a massive boom, the glass shattered into a million bits, Kevin was thrown back and was left with what is now a scar beside his left eye.

Fearful of this strange ability, his parent’s grew weary and distant from Kevin. They decided to send him away to a boarding school called Gilded Halls. He soon received the letter from the school asking him to attend, they did seem practically interested in him. Kevin packed his bags and went on his way. As far as Kevin is concerned this is just a regular boarding school but he’s about to see it’s much more than that.

Ability name: Electrokinesis

Explanation: Kevin has the ability to manipulate energies, electrical currents, and generate electricity with the mind. With the correct training and mastery of his power, his powers can range from shooting a bolt of lightning from his hand to powering up a generator. This power can even be used to take control of the electrons in objects, allowing motion control. Because of this ability Kevin doesn’t get an electric shock like most people, instead he simply absorbs the shock and stores it away as energy. However at the present moment Kevin can barely create a small enough current to power a object as small as a phone battery and as for a bolt of lightning, a small flash of sparks at best and finally he usually ends up short circuiting any electrical item he touches.

1. At present Kevin cannot create a powerful enough current to power even the smallest of items.
2. Also at present he cannot create a powerful enough current to shoot a bolt of lightning from his hands
3. Attempting to power an item for an extending period of time such as a few minutes, will leave --Kevin drained and sluggish.
4. Cables that lie above ground exposed have the tendency to shoot a bolt of electricity towards Kevin, knocking him to the ground.
5. Kevin cannot enter the water, be it a lake, pool, sea anything like that. All of the electrical current in Kevin’s body will react badly to the water. Entering water like this is fatal and could end with tragic consequences.

Room Number: 3
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