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We're pointing out that a dispatcher isn't a police officer and that their instructions not because we are missing the point, but because pretty much no one else realizes this and keeps saying that he 'should have listened to the police'.

As for his injuries, his head was bloodied up pretty nice. Not just his nose - He had blood on the back as well. The nose can be written off as one to the face, but the only way you'd get the injuries to the back of the head is if someone was bashing your head against the ground.

We can argue that this was a move of self-defense... But honestly? If you think shooting someone in self-defense is a overreaction, the same can also be said of bashing a persons skull.

Edit - I find it odd that, for all their hatred of racism, most anti-racists are more then willing to judge Zimmerman by his skin color. Well, misjudge - They say he's white and when it's pointed out that he isn't they always follow up with a "Well... uh... his skin looks white, he has a whiteish sounding name, and uh... *random change of subject here*"

As for Zimmerman he's either Mexican or Peruvian. I'm not quite sure really. He looks Mexican but I think I remember reading that his mother was Peruvian.
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