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    Originally Posted by Slaying Moon View Post
    Sounds like fun!

    Name: Slaying Moon (in-game will be Byakuya)
    Version: Blaze Black 2
    Pokedex: National
    Number of Pokemon: 2
    My Picks: Garchomp
    you get politoed

    Name: idlephantom(in-game will be idle)
    Version: pearl
    Pokedex: sinnoh
    Number of Pokemon: 4
    My Picks: Empoleon and Lucario

    Ps using an R4 cartridge for this so cant get pictures and the only pokemon that i know i can hack in is going to be my riolu egg which will be there from the start but will be along time before it actually hatches as the happiness will be 70, so 256x70=17920 steps till hatches, i will make it as legit as possible with pokegen.