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I resent modern cars. My take is that it's just adding things to go wrong with the car, and then the user has to pay the manufacturer for repairs or buy proprietary tools from them, because along with their features, cars are built in such a way as to discourage self-service. Computerised engines make as much sense as computerised firearms, which is to say none. In the future these issues will only be compounded because almost all cars are built to sell, not to last.

Safety features also raise my disdain, though this is due to personal preference rather than good sense... mostly. I find that my own car's relatively unsafe construction makes it far easier (and therefore, ironically, somewhat safer) to drive; greater visibility through the larger windows is the main thing.

Originally Posted by ZachLMedia View Post
As for the rear-view cameras, it makes me wish now that cars came with blind spot cameras more than rear-view, because I usually have no problem with that, but I understand it's a necessity that helps you prevent bumping into others' cars.
Simply being familiar with the size of one's car ought to be enough to prevent that.
There have been blind-spot mirrors for years, it's just not standard on every car for whatever silly (lack of) reason.

All in all, I think consumer-oriented vehicular technology will be more harmful the more of a stand-in for good judgement the average driver will take it for being.
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