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    Alright, here's my form! Now we just wait for the IC thread to be accepted, and we can start playing!


    Name: Steven Fallkry (pronounced "fall-cry")

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male


    Personality: Steven is a generally polite teen, nowadays, though he does have times when he seems to lose his cool. The outbreak has left him not afraid to kill, though he tries to refrain from having to kill other living humans. When his mind is set on one thing, he tends to be very persuasive, but will change his mind if a better option is presented. Generally, Steven just wants to fit in with a group, and have some friends he can rely on besides his Pokemon. He tries not to fuss over appearance, though he does try to maintain himself whenever possible. His quick wit often helps him in tough situations, though it has been more than once that it has instead gotten him into trouble.

    History: Steven grew up in a not-so-nice home in Lavender Town, where his parents often fought, yelling matches that often ended with blows. As such, he wasn't all that fazed when his mother killed his father and got shipped off to prison for life. He actually appreciated it. Sure, it may seem like he was a conceited kid at the time, but the people that thought that hadn't been shut out by both of their parents.

    As such, Steven grew up relatively alone, though it was only a year before he caught Dusk the Sableye. The two became excellent friends, and often played with eachother. Once Steven was 16, the Pokerus boom began. Of course, Steven would have gotten some for Dusk, but he was just a kid, and a poor one at that. As such, he continued with his life, slightly dismayed but still happy, until everything crashed and burned.

    It was while he was visiting family in Celadon that it started. A giant Charizard had began killing people left and right, eating them whole. Of course, this had never happened before, according to the Pokemon's late trainer before getting gobbled himself. Steven took off for the edge of town, coming into more and more of these flesh-eating monstrosities, some of them human. Thankfully, he and Dusk were able to get out alive when they came in contact with a Nincada.

    The little insect was the last of its hive to not get infected, and thankfully Steven had the heart to save it, even if it just meant stepping on a few of them. The Nincada insisted on traveling with him, and he nicknamed it Dawn after it evolved. However, the Ninjask soon died in a fight with one of the undead, and Steven was heartbroken until he discovered the Shedinja that still resided within one of his Pokeballs. He considered this the exact same as the other Dawn, and they have been surviving in the wild together ever since.

    1) Name: Dusk
    -Species: Sableye
    -Gender: Male
    -Moves: Night Shade, Shadow Ball, Swagger, Foul Play, Shadow Sneak, Substitute

    2) Name: Dawn
    -Species: Shedinja
    -Gender: N/A
    -Moves: Protect, Giga Drain, Heal Block, Solarbeam, Aerial Ace, Substitute

    Opening Post: It was another beautiful day, a blue sky, not a single cloud in sight, the light flowing down through the treetops to make swirling patterns through the leaves that were slightly making sound as a breeze brushed through them... Steven would have loved to lay in the soft grass all day and sleep, if it were a normal day.

    Sadly, it was not to be. There were beasts that were dead but not dead roaming the entire region, and it wasn't unlikely to find one or two wandering around wherever you went. Speak of the devil, one could be heard stumbling through the underbrush nearby.

    Steven stood, gripping the blade that he had found a few days ago on a corpse, and scanned the surrounding forest, pinpointing the source. He jumped, tackled, and was about to stab the face down figure to death when he noticed that it was talking.

    "Stop!" the man said, "You can take my stuff, but please don't kill me!" He started crying, and Steven rolled off of him. He offered a hand to the man, who accepted it. Steven helped him off the ground, and the man nodded.

    "Well... Thanks... I'm Rick." Rick held out his hand to Steven in a handshake, and he took it, saying, "I'm Steven, and you're welcome."

    In the day that followed, the two became the best of friends.
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