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    Jirmonji "The Swift" Slynt
    Jirmonji was still trying to process all that had gone down. With Vigil and Sword and Shield at the front, he and Dryad had led the Alpha Alliance's soldiers. They had fought with all of their strength, and eventually forced their way through the gate. The next thing he knew, through all the fighting, something exploded, and from what everyone had told him, it was The Inferno, and to Slynt's dismay, Hoodhide. The little Scrafty had given the ultimate sacrifice to save everyone: His life. It caused a stir in his heart. When the time comes...Will I be able to? Would I be the one to sacrifice myself? The Swift wasn't a coward by any means, but death...Death had a hold over him. There was no part of him that wasn't afraid of death. Will I be afraid? Will I just crumble? There was so much self-doubt coursing through his mind...

    A voice appeared in his mind. It was Hanso. Everyone, if you're getting this, let's meet in the Stoneguard, in the main chambers, if you're able. I know it's soon, but there's a lot we need to discuss

    A second voice appeared seconds later. Jirmonji recognized it instantly. This is Sovereign. Most of you know me as the Sentinel, Crusher. Some of you may have fought me, or lost people by my hand. Right now that's not important. You stand against Auron. I fought Auron once. He was the strongest opponent I have ever faced. But strength is not all he has. Auron is a man with resolve. He will do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. Even at the cost of his soul. The odds are stacked against you. You will need as much resolve as Auron in order to beat him. But never drop yourselves to his level. Do not become monsters in order to achieve victory. Stand by your honor. And never stop fighting!

    The Swift could do nothing but smile. True words, from an unlikely source. It seemed as if the beast had a soul. Jirmonji had fought the brute at the previous city. Strong. Powerful. And if what he said was true...Maybe...just maybe...He could be an ally. Jirmonji kept replaying that last message in his head over and over as he walked to the main chamber. A lot had truly happened. We can't keep losing men to take out the Sentinels...We need to do it without sacrificing one to take him out. A vague image of Calamity appeared in his head, and next to Calamity stood Hoodhide. The Swift had hardly known the two, seeing as he hadn't been with the troop for very long, but he knew they were true warriors, and fearless fighters, like any member of the Gold Tribe should be. As he arrived at the meeting point, he arrived a conclusion as well. I will not blink in the face of death. I will face it with dignity. Like any member of the Gold Tribe should. I will fight until my death. He looked to the ground. I will give my life to destroy Auron.