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Originally Posted by True Epicness View Post
Okay, I also have another question - how much does food tend to cost? :p

And, yeah, just take a look at my new post and mention it if you have any qualms with it. I am really seriously impatient... Eh, at least I'm active, I guess.
It's hard to say...the only food that has its price mentioned that I can remember is Rag-Out Rabbit Meat (though that's an ingredient), and that comes in at around 100000 col default.

The cheapest piece of bread comes at a price of a single col, and fruit that drops from Tolbana trees sells at a default price of 5 col. Now, it's up to Saph and SD, but I would guess that the default price of food that's actually worth a darn is upwards of 20-50 col at the lowest. The reason I say this is because a single boar kill, which Kirito states is basically the weakest form of enemy in SAO, grants thirty col per kill, and you'd expect that, on an average day, a player will kill at least more than one boar.

Though, and this is just a suggestion, but I think we should set up our own Sanctuary Market Prices. I mean, strangely enough, the novel isn't very specific as far as prices are concerned. I'll be sure to keep an eye out as I go through, but it would be beneficial if we made some sort of mercantile infrastructure, especially because this RP is, in a lot of ways, a game on its own.
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