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Terra Ignis, 17 years old (Biologically) 0 years old ♂



Terra is a relatively well built individual with somewhat dark tan skin and short, dark brown, combed-down hair. His eyes are a bright red color, though they still contrast greatly with the redness that took Gavin's eyes when they turned. Unlike the previous owner, he has all of his limbs.

Terra stands at around 6'1" and usually wears a black undershirt with a light sweatshirt, regardless of the weather. He also wears blue jeans and a pair of black and white tennis shoes.


Terra's personality is more subdued than Gavin's. He can be very nervous when dealing with new people, solely for the sake of first impressions...not necessarily on their end rather than his own. Granted, he is naturally nervous when meeting new people, he uses this to see how people take advantage of that natural weakness, since he figures that the way people treat the weak reveals their true selves. Now, this would probably be all the more effective if he were the aggressive type, but he is hesitant to insult someone in their face or use backhanded comments against them, though he certainly has the capacity to. Rather, he uses his knowledge and cunning to tear them down through fact and realism, using the truths of themselves and their futures that they would normally shy away from to tear down their personae prematurely, leaving them lost in a cold sweat to realize what is before they even should.

Still, despite Terra's aggressive nature, he's hardly against killing. He feels that death is simply the next chapter, and at times it can be a necessary evil. If he had to kill someone in a situation that absolutely called for it, he probably would. However, it was because of this that he started to ponder what he really was. He found that others didn't think the way he did, in that if he were to kill someone, it would be a matter of logic rather than a matter of compassion. Indeed, he could be compassionate, but he isn't exactly sure if he has a conscience at all. He doesn't even know if he's a human or a demon...or what species he is, or how he was conceived. All of his knowledge was installed by the previous owner, the owner which he had no recollection of.

Terra could be very excitable and very curious. He had knowledge about many things, but because he never knew how he gained knowledge about any of them, there was always some enigma factor in the world, a factor that made things new and old at the same time. Granted, Terra doesn't always question why he knows things. Generally he spouts out information and doesn't think twice, for much the same reason that anyone does the same with information. He must first be given reason to question before he will do so.


When a Deva Mage's sigil reaches across his or her entire body, it will immediately retract. After that, it will seem as if the sigil was gone completely, but it still exists. The sigil is a part of a Deva Mage (assuming that they became one through contract rather than being born one). Rather, the sigil disappears, and it becomes them. The mage in question becomes a terribly high capacity aether portal, capable of incredible power...but that generally doesn't matter, as the process isn't over.

When the sigil retracts, the last thing to change is the soul of the mage. In a sense, the soul, as well as the memories of a Deva Mage are wiped clean. The original person that inhabited the body is literally erased from existence. Their knowledge stays, but everything that makes that person who they are is gone with them. The only things that do remain some fragments of the other person. They could be feelings, instinctual reactions, etc.

After Gavin cast a very consuming non-destructive magic spell, the sigil enveloped him, and then he was erased and rewritten into Terra Ignis, who woke up in the Youkai Academy Forest. That is where his story began.

Other Information

Aether and The Sigil

Aether is a type of energy that flows through the circles of Hell. It has a number of uses, but for Deva Mages it is how they cast magic. The sigil that exists on a Deva Mage is, in a sense, an aether portal that converts aether into usable magic upon its exit. The strength of the spell depends on how well the user can control aether flow, the strength of the spell, and how far the sigil has spread. The larger the sigil is, the more aether can be passed through it, and the higher the aether capacity in an individual, the stronger their magic can be. This is a great incentive to get Deva Mages to expand their sigils, but the problem comes with the fact that many Deva Mages end up over expending themselves for various reasons. Often times it's a matter of curiosity, other times it's a matter of situational necessity. It doesn't particularly matter what the cause is, most Deva Mages generally end up being enveloped by the sigil for some reason or another.

Depending on the Prince of Hell that the mage makes the contract with, the sigil will be different and will have for different functions and different restrictions. For example, Gavin made a contract with Beelzebub, so he gained adept use of destructive magic, but in turn was not able to go near humans or use non-destructive magic. The aether is all purpose, so he could do those things, but they would both come at some sort of price. Now, the restrictions themselves are not dependant on the Prince alone so much as they are on what the Prince wishes for that specific Deva Mage. Generally these restrictions are based around the cause of their contract being formed or the life of the contractee around the time of the contract being made.

Now, once one is consumed by the sigil, it's logical to think that the new being inside the body, the reincarnation of sorts, will be almost unstoppable. After all, they're practically a walking mass of aether with extraordinary power, so why don't they use it? Well, it's because they can't. Unlike Deva Mages, these reincarnations are practically powered by aether...or rather, their soul is. When one is enveloped by the sigil, the soul of the original person isn't destroyed. Rather, it is recycled after being consumed by aether. The reason a Deva Mage "loses himself or herself" when they are overtaken is because their body cannot handle the excess amount of aether that they are now exporting all at once, and this, they adapt, and so does the aether. It is with that that the aether consumes the soul...or rather, it merges with it, and creates an entirely new being. However, because the soul is in active control of the body, the aether that is essentially the reincarnation's soul cannot be used unless a third party were to control the body and put the reincarnation out of commision.
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