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Tyler Frates

Gender: Male

Age: 11

Appearance: Tyler is 4'9", with short black hair and blue glasses. Most of the time he wears solid blue or green hoodies and jeans, but sometimes he does red. He always wears his black, orange, and white shoes when he leaves the house. Sometimes he wears a hat with a Eevee, Vulpix, or Klink on it. He always wears his blue watch.

Personality: Tyler is a nice guy, but he's only made two major friends. He loves the colors blue and green almost as much as he loves Eevee and Vulpix. He's a pretty quick learner, but not very determined to finish things. Simply, he just gives up easily. Tyler always wants to know what time it is, so he always carries a watch. When he gets angry, however, bad things can happen. He kind of has anger issues. Because of his incident with a Eevee in Johto, he gets a lot more sad about releasing a Pokémon then other people. He also feels bad for Boxed Pokémon because they're stuck in a computer, so he never has more then 6 at a time.

History: Born in Olivine City of Johto, Tyler always dreamed of going on a Pokémon journey. He always begged his parents to let him have a Pokémon. On his 7th birthday, he was given a Eevee. However, he never ended up training Eevee, because he caught a Vulpix and some other Pokémon almost instantly, and he had a bad memory. He completely forgot about Eevee. Because of this, he never brought Eevee in battle. He struggled on some gyms for a long time. Finally, at age 10, Tyler had 7 of the Gym Badges. He was about to challenge Clair. This was his big day. He wasn't thinking about the fact that Clair had a type advantage. He wanted to win. However, because of this, he was brought down by Clair several times before giving up. Clair had the type advantage and the higher levels, and Tyler was too lazy to train his Pokémon more. He kept arguing with himself about it, but he got so annoyed about it that he decided to quit altogether.

The day came to finally release his Pokémon. When he woke up, he discovered he got a letter saying he was chosen to go to Celestia. This changed his mind about quitting. But, the letter also said he would have to also start a new team of Pokémon. So he had to release his anyway.

He said his final goodbyes to all of his Pokémon, and then he pulled out one more Pokeball. Eevee's Pokeball. He maximized the ball and let Eevee out. Tyler's eyes filled with tears.

"I'm so sorry, Eevee..." were Tyler's only words.

Eevee just tilted his head and stared and Tyler, confused.

"You were my first Pokémon, and I never used you... Now you have to leave..."

All of a sudden, his best friend Mark walk up to him.

"Hey!" Mark called. "You wanna battle my newly caught Eevee?"

"This is our chance, Eevee. Our chance to battle." Tyler whispered into Eevee's ear.

After a long, hard battle, Tyler ended up winning, and released Eevee.

Later in the day, the boarded the plane to Celestia. Tyler couldn't stop thinking about Eevee. He hoped that he could see another cute Eevee face in Celestia, but he wasn't sure if you could even find them there.

Starter: Klink

Color Badge Case: This shade of orange.

Other: He has starred on TV a couple of times in Johto.
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