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<<Troock the Treecko>>

1. Pound
2. Quick Attack
3. Absorb
4. Energy Ball

Here comes the generic heroic type! Troock is a really brave Treecko and he wants to bring peace to this world. Troock is very young and he is already an orphan. This can make him act distant to people, but also close to certain other people. Troock is really hard to understand. He wants to become stronger so he can prove himself by helping other people and regain his reason to live. Troock is not very strong, but really strong for his age and he grows extremely fast in both battling skills and wisdom. Troock can be too reckless for his own good sometimes trying to help and others.

This is my first RP and it's going to be awesome! I think Troock can have some cool relationships with some of the other characters (most of them being rivalry). Troock and Hiro would probably be fitting rivals. Kokio will probably be a character Troock secretly looks up to, but he will be distant to Kokio. Troock will be trying to surpass Kokio in every way while pretending he doesn't care about him.

Is this ok? I am going to start writing my first post now or soon (it's 1:25 AM here). Troock is probably going to be in the dojo.