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Where's racism? Just go on the Yahoo comments section. Every freaking where, that's where. There's white people who hate black people, black people who hate white people, other races that hate this or that race. I mean I live in Michigan near Pontiac, which has a large black population, so it's mostly black/white bull crap.

But there's also when people use their race to get back at people. I work in customer service/retail and occasionally you get some customer service response where someone is claiming that they were mistreated because they're black, or multiracial, or asian, or whatever. In most of the cases that I know a bit about it's really all just bull crap and it's an attempt to milk money out of a company using their race. I'm sure that there are some legitimate cases but everyone's so scared of upsetting people with PC that it's less than likely to be the case. I've had black women that have acted incredibly rude to me because I don't give them everything they want because they're black, and then I've had black women who are just fine because they realize that just because they're black doesn't mean that, because I'm white, I'm obliged to give them anything.

Also, on PC. Just because I say the term "black" or say that black people have dark skin is NOT racist in of itself. It's ****ing true! Hell, calling someone black can be more accurate than calling someone "African American" because they may only distantly be of african decent, or not from America. I'm white but my decent is not from the Caucus of eastern Europe, but rather almost 100% anglo-saxon, so I'm hardly the raw definition of "Caucasian". I mean really. They're BLACK people because they have dark skin. I'm a WHITE person because I have bright skin.

It's such a stingy subject because half of it is "don't hurt their feewings!" but the other half of it is true hatred.
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