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    Hi everyone, just wanted to say hello because this is my first travel journal! I've been replaying one of each series of games in an effort to satisfy my "completionist" nature -- for me this means training all of the Pokemon I catch & filling up my Pokedex for each game I play! So far I've gotten through FireRed & Emerald, and I'm right in the middle of Platinum! Hope you enjoy!

    entry one: canalave city/iron island
    I finally finished training outside of Canalave City, & decided to check out the library & the gym in town. However, while I was crossing the bridge, Barry showed up & of course wanted yet another battle. Even though I had just finished training up my team, I had a harder time beating him than normal -- he was able to knock out a few of my Pokemon, but in the end I was able to win yet again. He seemed a little bit salty about it, actually...

    Once I was done dealing with Barry, I spent a little time in the library looking up the Sinnoh region legends. Most of them didn't make sense to me... a lot of stuff about lake guardians? Hopefully I'll find out what that means later on in my journey.

    I felt ready to take on the gym leader in Canalave, Byron, even though some local townsfolk suggested I train at Iron Island first. I decided I'd use my fighting-type Pokemon, along with some fire & ground types as backup.

    Gym Lineup:
    Atlas the Machoke
    Lotus the Medicham
    Dante the Infernape
    Melisandre the Magmar
    Marshall the Quagsire

    I won the gym badge pretty handily, thanks to type advantages and all the training I had done before reaching Canalave City. I headed back to the Pokemon Center to heal & switch up my team members, and then hopped onto the ferry to Iron Island.

    I poked around inside the cave for a while, battling trainers and hunting for cool items. I also met a friendly trainer named Riley, who told me that he had heard about some weird disturbances deep in the mine. The two of us teamed up and explored even deeper in the cave, and sure enough -- we ended up finding a few Galactic Grunts who were no doubt behind the strange noises & disturbances.

    As a thank you for helping him figure out what was going on, Riley gave me a mysterious egg, and I managed to find two important items -- a Shiny Stone & a Metal Coat! I decided not to try to catch a Steelix after finding the Metal Coat (I'll just evolve the Onix I've trained). Now just to decide if I should evolve my Togetic or my Roselia with this stone... After a boat trip back to to the mainland and a long bike ride, the egg hatched into a young Riolu! Definitely worth all that time poking around in the mine.

    New Pokemon:
    Anubis the Riolu

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