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Silver City. A husk of it's former self, it stood as a sign of change. But perhaps the change it brought was not the kind this world needed. Sovereign approached the city, somehow he was the first of the Silver Tribe's forces to arrive. Exactly as he wanted. He knew that Auron had ways of knowing, beyond the normal Pokemon. He wondered if he was aware of Sovereign's presence, or Sovereign's new decision?

The guards at the gate didn't stop him. Perhaps Auron didn't know. The city seemed so dead. Nobody bothered to go outside if they didn't have a good reason. The only real life was the ancients, and they really didn't count for much. Gold City had been captured well before he was recruited, and yet he couldn't help feeling responsible for it's current state.

Sovereign eventually made his way to the throne room. He stood staring at the door for a good half hour before he finally opened them and walked inside.

The once shining hall of the Citadel of Gold City had been converted into the throne room of the ruler and conqueror of Valkaria. Once, this place was occupied by the leadership of the Alpha Alliance, and under constant watch by the most well-trained of the Gold Tribe. It was once a place of hope and prosperity. Of happiness and cheer. Now, it was the beacon of war from which all the chaos of the country had originated. Alone in the darkness of the throne room, a single Pokemon sat upon a throne. There were no guards. No advisors, servants, tacticians, or emissaries. There was only a lone Haxorus, what the Alpha Alliance has come to know as the face and embodiment of terror and supremacy. There was only Auron, Lord of the Sentinels, and Commander of the Ancients.

Auron sat upon the throne, which was elevated a few feet from the ground by a set of stairs. His face and upper body was covered by the shadows of the dark room, but his eyes immediately glared at Sovereign as he entered his domain.

"...Crusher..." His voice was cold and seemingly...distant. It was as if when he spoke, he was there, but he wasn't 'there'. He seemed to boom and echo his deep, dark voice like thunder across the room, and yet it didn't appear as if he even tried.

Despite his fearsome nature, the voice seemed to chill Sovereign to his core. Had he always been like this? Was there something to Auron he couldn't see before? Was he so blinded by darkness that he couldn't see Auron for what he truly was...?

Sovereign approached the throne cautiously, uncertain of what Auron would do. "Lord Auron..." A moment of hesitaion gripped Sovereign as he attempted to speak. The realization that this encounter could very well result in his death gripped him. But then he remembered Vera, whom he had dragged into all this mess, whom he owed so much, and knew he had to do this. "Auron! I have served you loyally for a long time now. I swore allegiance to your cause. I swore on my dragon blood to be your weapon. But now that must end. I have a duty I must uphold. I must return to my home."

Sovereign's stomach was filled with lead as he stared the dragon down. He already knew what Auron would do, but he latched on to that hope that perhaps, just maybe, he would let Sovereign leave.

Silence followed the Tyranitar's words. For almost a minute, there was no response. Auron merely gazed at Sovereign from his throne, or at least gazed into his direction. It seemed that the Haxorus almost seemed to look beyond the Tyranitar, as if he observed something unseeable, something only he saw. Then, after what seemed like an eternity of silence, the great Haxorus spoke again. "...You will...continue your duty...until that duty is complete...and that is my final word."

"I swore to my father," Sovereign spoke boldly, never breaking eye contact with Auron, "that I would protect Draco Temple! I have failed him until this point, but now I know what I have to do." He no longer had any doubts in his mind. He accepted that this was his punishment for failing in his duty. "If you won't let me leave, then you'll have to kill me! But I won't die without putting up one hell of a fight!"

"Crusher...You will continue your duty..." Auron began again. A strange rumbling sound began to echo across the dark chambers. Slowly, the Haxorus pushed himself off of the throne by his claws. As he stood up, he towered over his subordinate thanks to the elevated platform of the throne. He looked below at him with intimidating eyes. "...or this throne room...will also be your tomb." Even if he didn't say so, this would be the final warning that Sovereign would get from Auron.

Auron clearly didn't want to lose Sovereign. Any other time, it was doubtful that so many warnings would be given. Was he desperate? Perhaps the Sentinel's numbers were becoming fewer than he knew. Sovereign had not checked in with his comrades when he left. Who knew just how many they lost. "I will not be your slave!" As Auron towered over him, Sovereign could finally see it. He was no Dragon, not any more. This was something else...

Auron didn't say anything else. He merely descending from the throne. Each thunderous step sent an echo through the chamber, and with each step, it seemed his auro and ferocity increased. He was a monster even among the Sentinels, and now he would prove why. He stopped at the final step down the throne, and moved his head back, and opened his mouth. At the opening of his mouth, pure energy began to form, gathering from within his body and the surrounding atmosphere. It poured around until it formed into a ball of white energy, a Hyper Beam, only enormous in size compared to that of a normal Hyper Beam. All at once, Auron released this energy into a beam at Sovereign. The true viciousness of the blast was revealed as it was launched, with every passing column and piece of rock and statues which it even grazed turned to dust from the pure power which was contained inside of it. The Hyper Beam expanded to a meter wide, now reaching the floor below, and disintegrating the very ground as it seered through the air at its target.

The massive beam came barreling towards Sovereign. It was unlike anything he had seen before, such power, such unfathomable power! He barely managed to snap out of his aw in time to narrowly get out of the way. He could feel the burn, even without taking a direct hit. This power was unnatural.

Sovereign knew that he would have little time before Auron was able to attack again. He planted his feet, and lunged forward, charging the beast head first. Streaks of dark energy ran from his teeth as he prepared to Crunch into the mighty beast. Sovereign was never good at taking the cautious route, and he certainly wasn't about to begin now. Besides, there was no where to run anyway.

There was no flinching from Auron. He stood his ground, perhaps partly to recover from the effects of delivering such a powerful Hyper Beam, and the necessity to recharge. But it was also because Auron had long forgotten the meaning of fear. The Tyranitar's teeth would normally bury deep into any foe that met him, but Auron's dense armor caused the teeth to only pentrate a fraction of the dense skin. Still it was enough to draw blood, which dripped from the shoulder of the mighty Haxorus. But he did not falter. Instead, the Lord of the Silver Tribe grabbed hold of the back of Sovereign's had, holding him in place, while he brought his other arm up above him. The ferocity of the strike could have probably been felt by the air before it was even delivered as a strike. He glared with his dispassionate eyes deeply into the eyes of his opponent, and spoke to him in his deep, yet somehow booming voice. "You are still...the Crusher..." He said, as he brought his mighty Dragon Claw upon Sovereign, intent on slashing apart his back.

Auron dug into Sovereign's hide, hard rock-like chips falling to the ground covered in blood. Feeling his armor get peeled away so easily was painful, but he had felt worse. Sand exploded from the opening, projecting Sovereign away from his opponent as it began to swirl about the room, whittling away at the old statues and architecture.

"I serve no one but myself!" Sovereign smashed his hand into one of the statues, generating a pile of sharp rocks. Sovereign began hurling Stone Edges at Auron, determined for a way to make him falter in some way. He was desperate not to have to use Outrage if he could avoid it, uncertain of how he would react now.

Auron rose his claws and covered his body as the statues made into projectiles broke upon impact with the mighty Haxorus. They pushed him back a few inches with each impact, but the Stone Edges did not pierce deep enough to bring him down. He lowered his arms, which had a few scratches and blood upon them, and prepared for the counterattack. He crouched, bending his knees, and then pounced at his opponent with vigor and speed, attempting to crash right into the beast with a Giga Impact which would have torn through the walls of the thick throne room as if they were tissue paper.

Before observing how the extent of his damage affect the Tyranitar, Auron already went on another offensive, this time determined to destroy Sovereign completely. At a closer range now, Auron opened his mouth and powered up for another Hyper Beam, the white-hot energy gathering at his mouth, and then in a rapid fashion, released and seered through the air, burning and disintegrating all in its path as if targeted the Crusher, intent on finishing him off.

Demonstrating the very features that Sovereign lacked, Auron hit him at high speeds. Though the impact was of little concern for a Pokemon of Rock, it was still an incredible force which knocked Sovereign to the ground. As he rose to his knees, panting, he could see Auron charging up for another Beam. Perfect. Sovereign did not try to move, instead taking the blast entirely. As more of his armor chipped away, his body became cloaked in a dark shadow, swirling off his body. This was perhaps the most powerful Payback any Pokemon had ever generated. If nothing in his arsenal would pierce him, then maybe hiting him with his own force would work!

Light shone between Sovereign's teeth, as he prepared for his attack. He was not used to handling this much energy at once, but he only had one shot. If he waited too long though, it would tear him apart from the inside. Sovereign tilted his head back, only for a moment, before swinging it forward again, unleashing a vortex of bright light and black darkness towards Auron.

If Auron was still capable of becoming surprised, then surely the resulting energy sent towards him had caught him by just that. Sweeping him off his feet, the mighty Dragon collided with the far side of the throne room, with bits of the wall collapsing on top of the area of impact. For a moment, the power blast seemed to have the desired affect. It took a while before any movement seemed to be registering. But sure enough, the rubble began to stir, and the form of Auron appeared of from underneath. If anger too could anymore be registered by the beast, he was flirting with it.

Sovereign fell to the ground. He had given everything to that attack, and he wasn't sure he could keep on like this.

Auron rose his body from under the broken pieces of the wall, and eyed the Tyranitar. Dark energy began seeping around Auron's body. It seemed to pour from within his body, a nameless source of power, and spread across, until it engulfed the entirety of his form. His eyes changed to a pure black, and his density seemed to increase, as each massive step he took further shook the palace. "Your efforts...everything you work futile." He stepped forward once more, and came to a thunderous halt. "You could have the you must nothing...." The rumbling from around Auron expanded across the palace, as an unseen energy seemed to envelope the place. It fueled the Lord of the Sentinels, making him appear even mightier.

As he began his attack, the darkness combined with it now, releasing a Dragon Pulse with an augmented color.

Sovereign's heart sank as Auron stood from the rubble. He heard that name again. That silly title. The Crusher. He had hated it ever since he was forced to take it on. The stories people told were of the Crusher. Auron thought it a fitting title to fill the role of people's nightmares. Sovereign had nodded and accepted his role. But he always hated that name.

A pair of black wings protected Sovereign out of nowhere, blocking the Dragon pulse. "My name..." Sovereign rose from the ground, and as the wings spread themselves, his Outrage was in clear effect. Deep purple contrasted by shining yellow eyes, Sovereign did not emanate black energy like he had in the past, or quake the earth. He was in control of his power for the first time in his entire life. " Sovereign Chronos! Keeper of Lost knowledge!"

One final gambit. That was all he had left. This power would keep him going just long enough to pull it off. Sovereign lifted his left foot just a few inches from the ground, and stomped it into the ancient floor of the throne room, causing a few hairline cracks. "Do you know the difference between a dragon..." the room began to tremor in reaction to Sovereign's influence. "...and a monster?

"Both are incredibly powerful entities. But dragons strive to improve themselves through hard work, and value their honor. Monsters though..." Sovereign stared into his right palm for a moment. "...monsters would give anything for more power. Even their own soul." He looked at Auron with a grin on his face, almost like Varren's. "I'm just a monster who deserves to die. But in my final moments, I will be a dragon, in order to destroy an even greater monster." The Throne Room, now violently shaking in Sovereign's wake, began to crumble, chunks of the cieling falling around them. "This will be your grave, Auron!"

Before he knew what was happening, Auron's muzzle was being held shut by an arm from behind him. Another arm wrapped itself around his neck, and pulling his head back. "No more Hyper Beams." He had to keep Auron here as long as he could. "I'll bring this whole building down on us if that's what it takes, but we will both die here, Auron!"

The arms held their grip tight around the Lord of the Sentinels. For the first time in a long time, it had appeared that Auron was powerless to break hold of them. As the signs and rumbles of the throne room began to increase, it became apparent that the area would soon collapse, with the two of them still inside. In a last effort to escape, Auron tried to let out a mighty roared and attempted a final dash away from the beast and towards the exit, to let the Tyranitar die alone in the dark crypt.

Sovereign, unwilling to let Auron go so easily, split his wings into the 6 tendrils Varren used to use. They interlaced with each other as they wrapped themselves several times around the two combatants. As they sqeezed down, keeping Auron where he stood, Sovereign spoke once more. "I'm not afraid any more, Auron." Images of Sovereign's father and the ghost of Varren appeared to him one more time. "They are not my enemy, for they are me."

Auron was unable to escape, though he continued to struggle. All around the two, the throne room shook uncontrollably. The pillars holding the ceiling up were withering away and the roof above had begun to fall in large pieces all around them. And then, the Lord of the Sentinels stopped struggled abruptly, as if accepting his fate. He looked with his cold eyes from the ceiling, to the monster in front of him. As he did so, his eyes slowly morphed in color from red irises and black pupils to a darker, gray shade. They were dull, yet somehow managed to give off a faint shine.

The ceiling of the throne room abruptly collapsed on top of the two combatants, leaving an area of smoke, dirt, and broken rubble as a testament to their colossal battle.


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