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    I'd TRY anything as long as it was safe to eat.
    Would I eat a whole dish of it? Not sure. I guess it depends on if I like it to begin with.. and if I like it, if it was healthy to eat a whole serving of it (I'm talking about crazy fattening mealtime cookies baked into other cookies and deep-fried sort of stuff.)

    There is one exception: Spicy. I will not try hot peppers or anything that I know will be too spicy. I am super sensitive and it physically burns my tongue if I have spicy food (scratchy for days!) and I just rather not.. as I don't know how badly my body will react to it.

    Also as it stands.. the only thing I'm iffy on eating is scorpion. I'd even give eating tarantula a try if given the opportunity (and when I know it's cooked properly) but.. scorpion just sounds inedible to me.

    Most vegetables never seem to get my tastebuds going, probably due to how bland they taste.
    What type of veggies are you eating? They are ANYTHING but bland if you season and cook them properly. Are you like.. just steaming everything without salt or something?
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