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Originally Posted by Dark Zapdos View Post
Well if you use a legendary like Rayquaza, it's going to be easy, or any high level pokemon that's level 70 on any game

I can't remember the easiest but I can remember the hardest.

The hardest one for me was sapphire a few years back, as my team where like high 30's lower 40's range, I got through the elite 4 all well and good UNTIL Steven, and that metagross used to allways knock me out in about 1 hit or just barely and that was no good because, every time i healed my health just went back down again. I think it must of taken 20 tries for me to beat him.
I guess you're right, but I had my Lvl 80 Empoleon and Lvl 65 Dialga in Diamond and struggled with that League!
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