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    I'm a rather new, aspiring author. I've only written a few fan-fictions before, mostly about my frequently played action titles. However, I wanted to try my hand at a Pokemon fiction, and before I post up a thread an embarrass myself, I figured I'd post my prologue here.

    Let me know what you think about it, and whether or not I should continue with the story. I do have a few chapters typed up already to go along with this one, I just want to know if the idea is solid and not really cliche.

    Also be warned, there is some minor words in this prologue. The story will might have some more harsher words, but they won't be a constant thing. I promise.
    Harmonized Disarray
    by Mister Oshawott

    Prologue: A Fateful Encounter.

    "Remind me again, what is it you said your name was?" The teacher sat behind his mahogany desk, his fist nestled beneath his chin, his eyes dull and bored out of his mind.

    "Clayton," The young trainer in front of him replied. "My name is Clayton."

    "Ah yes, that's right." The teacher replied, casting his eyes over to the shoulder length brunette girl standing right beside Clayton. "And you, what is your name?"

    "Katherine." She nodded, the Lillipup in her hands squirming with joy.

    The teacher sighed, passing forward two laminated pieces of plastic, each with Clayton and Katherine's respective pictures and names on each. His responsibilities as a teacher, for the moment, were finally over.

    "Congratulations students, go out and see the world." The man said, waving the two beaming students off.


    Katherine and Clayton walked out of the school, blinded instantly from the sun's rays reflecting off of the radio tower in the far off distance. Clayton paused for a moment, gazing at the building. Not only did it act as a radio tower for the Unovian air-transport system, but it was also the Mistralton Pokemon Gym.

    "Let's battle." Katherine turned to face Clayton suddenly, causing the boy to jump abruptly.

    "You know I can't." Clayton shrugged off her playful attitude.

    "Your Mother might've given you a Pokemon as celebration for your graduation!" Katherine replied, cheery as ever.

    "Money is tight, if she did get a Pokemon for me, I would've known. She wouldn't have been able to hide it from me, let alone pay for the food necessary to house it until it could legally be my own."

    "Oh, right," She replied, her cheeks getting rosy. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything by it."

    "I know you didn't. It's just been so difficult since Dad moved to Kanto."

    "Silph Co. moved to Saffron City. That's huge." Katherine remarked, looking down at the mini dog in her arms. "Perhaps, when Candy and I go out on our adventure, we could catch you one and send it to you?"

    "That won't be necessary. I've been saving up for some pokeballs of my own. I'll go out tomorrow and see what I can catch."

    "It's dangerous to go alone." Katherine put a hand on his shoulder. "I'll go out with you tomorrow morning, Candy and I'll protect you."

    "Thanks." Clayton replied sheepishly.

    "Tomorrow at six o'clock?" She asked expectantly.

    "Make it seven. I'll probably be partying all night tonight anyways." Clayton smirked.

    "That's not a good start for an official Trainer." Katherine mused, shaking her head. "Seven it is. See you then."

    Clayton watched her walk away, her brown hair bouncing gently off of her shoulder blades with each step she took. The two had always been friends since they were young, but she's always remarked how she wanted to be his rival as well. That the two of them would battle when they both became trainers. Shaking his head, Clayton stared off into the direction of the Gym one last time, before he began the walk home.


    Clayton gently closed the door, the sound of his mother's Herdier barking muffled in the back of the house. She had another late night working at the gym it would seem. Clayton gently laid his backpack onto the couch and crept into the kitchen, his Mother's Purrloin mewing contently, gulping down some Miltank milk. Lightly placing his hand on it's head, Clayton gently scratched the cat behind it's massive ears, as it purred with delight.

    Opening the refrigerator door, Clayton wrapped his massive hands around a jar of Bronzong's Special Elixer. One thing not many people knew was that Clayton had a gift. This stuff was expensive, but it kept him in check. Opening the lid, he took a brief gulp, as the liquid oozed down his throat. To those like him, it tasted like a chocolate milkshake, but for him, it was the consistency of one, but tasted as bland as cardboard. He replaced the jar onto the shelf once more, turning to face the living room.

    Purrloin nodded, jumping off of the table and onto the floor, curling up by the couch. Clayton closed the door behind him, as the sight of his mother startled him. She looked like a mess, but her warm, welcoming smile filled his heart with ease.

    "Clayton, congratulations!" She said softly, clearly she was suffering another one of her migraines.


    "I have a gift to celebrate your milestone." She said, ducking back into her bedroom again, pulling a bag with a bow tie wrapped around it.

    I'll be damned. She actually DID get me a Pokemon. Clayton thought to himself, accepting the bag with a smile.

    However, when the bag opened, instead of an occupied Pokeball, he found a small, calculator sized machine. Lifting it, it's front hatch slid open, and a scanner activated on the back.

    "Hello, Trainer. I am DEX MK-5. The new generation of Pokedex software! Please insert your credentials into the interface."

    Clayton stared, wide-eyed at the machine.

    "Mom, this is a new Pokedex. Not even Katherine has this model!"

    His mother smiled and nodded, grasping at her head, easing herself onto the couch.

    "It's a gift from your Father." She smiled. "Silph Co. has yet to release this on the market. You got an executive's model. You'll have features that not many other trainers will have at their disposal."

    "I'll send him a message on my PokeGear and be sure to thank him." Clayton beamed, entering his credentials into the machine.

    "There is one other thing." She smiled. "Buster, c'mere boy!"

    The sound of paws thudding across the linolium meant that the Herdier was inbound, and was ready to kiss the hat off of Clayton's face. The Herdier stopped short of the trainer, sitting pretty, a rather big package on it's collar. Clayton pat the dog on the head, opening the box. Inside, ten tiny poke-balls gleamed in the light.

    "This is great!" Clayton said with a smirk, but then looked over to his mother in concern. "How could we afford this?"

    "Technically, we couldn't."

    "How did you get these?" Clayton asked, intent on getting an answer.

    "I bought them." She said with a shrug. "I just worked over-time for the past four weeks to gain the necessary funds."

    "Mom, you really shouldn't work this har-"

    "-I'll be fine Clayton!" She snapped, before calming herself, tears welling in her eyes. "So, tomorrow is the big day, huh?"

    "Yeah. Don't worry, I'll be sure to call frequently.” He smiled, staring down at his new equipment. “Thanks again."

    “There’s a little more upstairs in your room. I figured at the age of eighteen you wouldn’t need me to help you with it. Go on ahead sweet heart, I’m going to go lay down for a while.”

    Clayton stood, gently hugging his mother once more, before creeping up the stairs to his bedroom. Opening the door, his posters of the Unova Elite Four members littered the wall, along with his personal collection of Training books. On his bed was a backpack, much more newer than the ratty one on his back. Replacing all of the objects in his old bag to his new one, he was surprised to see a new uniform inside. Pulling it out, it was a leather jacket, a white t-shirt, some finger-less leather gloves, and two pairs of khakis. Clayton knew that four weeks of over-time could afford a lot more than just ten Pokeballs.

    Donning the clothes, Clayton looked in the mirror. Despite the gruff expression on his face, he was a gentle and kind young man. He had a strong jaw, kind blue eyes, and short brown hair. He also was a bit of a giant, standing at a massive six feet, eight inches tall. His build was one of a strong young man, abnormally so due to his body size. Fitting a trainer's belt around his waist, he took no time hitching the unoccupied poke-balls to his hips, placing the remaining four into his bag for safe keeping.

    Laying down on the bed, Clayton closed his eyes, as thunder exploded in the sky, and the rain pattered down on the roof above him.


    It wasn't long before Clayton was up again. It was the fourth time that night, and the sun had fully gone down over the horizon at this point, so he knew it was late. Pausing, Clayton looked around, before laying down on the bed once more.

    "HELP ME!!!"


    Clayton jolted himself awake again. Shaking his head, he stood, clenching his fists, something wasn’t right, and those voices were right outside. Charging down the stairs, Clayton was sure to bring his bag with him, in case he needed it. Rain continued to pour down, Clayton ripped the door open, charging out into the storm.

    Reaching the forest’s edge, his foot met a wet patch of mud, and he slid a good foot before falling onto his back.

    "Help me, please!"


    Clayton stood once again, the wind becoming much more fierce, the thunder roaring overhead. Heading into the woods, Clayton stood in shock, screams of pain echoing from the thicket in front of him. Cutting through it, he saw a pair of wild Herdier's snapping their jaws at a young Pikachu. It looked up at him pleadingly, as Clayton lifted a stone high above his head.

    "Get out of here!" Clayton barked, as the Herdier's neck fur stood up on edge, the two dogs turning, teeth bared.

    "Looks like we've got a meddlesome human on our case," One of them snapped it's jaws at him. "He'll make a fine DESSERT!"

    Clayton stiffened, as the other dog moved to flank him. Everything was still for a moment, minus the endless downpour.

    One of the Herdiers pounced at the trainer, as the Human swept his foot in a kick, launching the dog back into a tree. Throwing the stone at the other one, he pegged the second Herdier in the snout, which only managed to anger it. The two dogs pounced at once, as a bolt of electricity shot towards them, knocking the two out cold. Clayton turned to the Pikachu, who could barely stand on it's hind paws. Running over to it, Clayton fell to his knees, cradling it's head with his hands.

    "You'll be fine. I'll get you to a Pokemon Center. We'll make you well again." Before Clayton could lift the mouse, it jolted him, causing him to lose his grip.

    Clayton could tell by the notch in it's tail that this was a female Pikachu, and she was clearly protecting something.

    "Pichu." Was all that she could say, before her body went limp in his hands.

    Clayton lowered the Pikachu to the ground, gently brushing it's hair. Looking over into the bush, he could see precisely what the Herdiers were after, and why she didn't want to leave. Hidden in a strategically made nest was a yellow and brown egg. Pulling the spare scarf off of his neck, Clayton wrapped the egg in the cloth, and placed it in the safety of his bag. Lifting the Pikachu's body, Clayton decided to give her a proper burial, so as not to be eaten by the Herdiers that had attacked her.

    Placing his bag in the warmth of his home, gentle on the couch, he grabbed his mother's spade and the box that once held his Running Shoes. Placing her body gently in the box, Clayton dug her a hole right next to the forest's edge, placing the box in the hole ceremoniously. Covering the box with dirt, the thunder boomed over head once more, and he shivered. Grabbing a few twigs, he fashioned a cross and planted it in the dirt.

    "I'm sorry I didn't come sooner, I could've saved both the egg and you," Clayton said. "I'll be sure to protect your child with everything I have. You have my word on that."

    He stood there for a moment, hoping his words sunk in to the deceased's soul, before he walked back into his house. Pulling the egg from his bag, he wrapped it in a towel, placing it under the same lamp that his Mother had used to hatch Buster when he was just a Lillipup, which now resided in his bedroom.

    Clayton sat there in wonder for a moment, until his eyes started to droop. Working his way over to the bed, he closed his eyes, and thought for a moment of what had just transpired, before his exhaustion finally overtook him.
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