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Originally Posted by Henakuo View Post
Oh thank you very much for the resources! I'll give it a shot, if all decides to blow up in my face again you can expect to see my charred face up on the threads again x3
Dude, I have done soooo much work with OWs, it isn't funny. I have expanded them, made them change by var instantly, swap pallettes, everything (except make them walk diagnoaly, that may come eventually:p Jambo found the movement table had 9 slots not 4. It would seem that late in development, then diagnol movement was cut, hence the test sumo wrestler in Ruby.)

However, after all of that, I have no clear idea what would cause your issue. I think the same OW loader that is used in those screens is the same as the normal one. I do have a theory though: the routine which loads OW palettes here MAY have been corrupted so that it doesn't load the palettes (maybe the branch out to the decompressor was noped by accident?) What I want you to do, is get to the intro in VBA. Go Tools->Palette Viewer and check the box "automatic update". Now, go backto the game and go through the intro watching the palettes on the right. The Hero should be the first palette slot (the first row). I can't remember which palette slot the rival is (the numbers 2 and 4 stick out in my head, but I'm not sure), but by your description, it should be apparent which slot he is using. Now, look at the other palettes. Do you see the correct palettes in there? If you don't, then it is a loading issue. If you do, but the OWs aren't using them, then it is a slot issue.

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