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Important info regarding the release of Pokemon X & Pokemon Y

So, I feel that I should adress the release of X and Y, given the fact that it is only about a month and a half from release.


Alright, firstly I want to address something that I'm sure a lot of you are worried about. With the release of the 6th generation, the requirements of an Ultimate Challenge will obviously change. Anyone who has completed an Ultimate Challenge before X and Y are released, will still be credited as completing the challenge. Current Champions will be moved to a separate section which I will probably call "Gen 5 Ultimate Champions." You will be allowed to change any of these to a 6th gen Ultimate at any time. However, I will not cut off Gen 5 right away. I will give everyone til the end of 2013 to complete Gen 5 Ultimates if they desire. As of January 1st, 2014, any Ultimate Challenges will have to include X or Y to qualify.

Next, Fairy Type. As there will only be one set of games with Fairy Type in the beginning, it will not be allowed for Ultimate Challenges, only Singles. If we get Hoenn remakes this gen, like most people are hoping, then obviously we will have something to work with. But for now it's Single only.

This is gonna be an interesting experience, I'm not gonna lie. There is so much new territory to cover with these new games, so I am expecting there to be a lot of questions during the process of transition. No one should be afraid to ask questions, as it will help me build up the challenge for the new games. I also don't know where the games will end, if there will be weird E4 stuff like in B/W, or what post game will look like yet, so until I finish the games myself it will pretty much just be completing the E4 for the first time. Once I have a better grasp of the whole game I can make a better call on where X and Y will end for this challenge.

I wish you all the best of luck with your challenges, and can't wait to see what all of you do in Pokemon X & Pokemon Y! I myself am considering either a Fire mono for the cool Fire Types announced so far, including an awesome starter, or a Fairy Mono to play with the new type for my first XY Challenge.


UPDATE! With the announcement of Pokemon Bank, I would like to clarify that you may not use it for bringing Pokemon into your game, unless your type is not available before the 3rd gym. I am hoping that this gen will have nothing like that, and will have one of each type early, but that is yet to be seen.

One more thing. I have never felt the need to clarify this before, but will do so now since X and Y's first Event Pokemon is a starter, namely Torchic. You may not use Pokemon obtained from an event, no matter the level or legendary status, even if you obtained it using the game you are doing your challenge on.