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    CHNPTN — 銀ヤミ — Academy

    Name: Yami Gin
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Species: Wrathersian Lycan

    Appearance: Yami stands at roughly six feet in his Humanoid disguise, with a lean muscular build, pale skin, and black indigo-tinted hair. His hair is swept to the right, and tied into a tail that rests between his shoulder blades. His eyes are an odd combination, the left colored deep emerald green, a symbol of his race; his right eye is a bright icy blue, and could be tied to a possible heart condition. His eyes, like all Lycans from Wrathersa, are slanted, and his face is young, smooth and chiseled. He often wears a black kimono-like robe with silver trim, black-painted geta sandals, black half-gloves, and a smooth dark-gray magatama necklace. His left ear is pierced, with a small, dark silver earring carved into the shape of a dagger. His face can reach extremes with many emotions. His relaxed smile can calm the room, and his angered stare could empty the room in moments.

    His true form is not all that different, with indigo-black fur and the same green and blue eyes as his other form. He stands in this form at just under three feet high, and five feet in length. His fur is medium-length but always appears to be well-groomed.

    His movement in either form is lightning-quick, and deadly like a flicker of flame. He always appears to be ready for battle, even in his sleep.

    Personality: Yami is a realist and a deep, poetic thinker. While he loses his temper in certain scenarios, he is otherwise calm and seemingly relaxed outside of battle. Despite this, though, he always anticipates an incoming threat, as is his nature. He tries his best to be polite and well-mannered, but slips up on numerous occasions. When alone, he's often distracted by his own thoughts. In battle, he is quick to react, and has reflexes quick enough that he could make a movement within the small portion of time that your eyes are closed mid-blink. He fancies knives, and is skilled in fighting close-combat with two daggers, or at medium range with throwing knives. His ability is control over shadows, something unique to him, and he's learned many tricks that allow him to use it to its highest potential. Yami is skilled in sneaking and stealth, and sometimes uses this power to further camouflage himself.

    History: Born in Wrathersa to the King and Queen of the 'Silver' Lycan Kingdom, Yami is the middle-shild of three siblings, with an older brother and younger sister. He was ignored most often by his parents, though his siblings supported him and helped him raise himself into the young man he is today. He loves his siblings (and his best friend) more than anyone in the entire world. Before he wound up in the Youkai Realm, his parents had waged a war with a nearby kingdom, and his family and pack were preparing for a battle. Yami, while roaming a forest a few miles from home, accidentally stumbled into a wormhole that took him through a rift in dimensions and planted him squarely in the clearing of Youkai Academy.

    1. Yami has a heart disease that caused his one blue eye before birth, and while he's a fast runner he finds himself short of breath easier than others. This can limit him in a number of ways.
    2. His powers of shadow don't work in pitch-black darkness, as shadows are cast by light. The brighter it is, the stronger his powers are.
    3. Additionally, Lycans from Wrathersa are often energetic and powerful during a full moon, and weak during a new moon, with that balance shifting slowly as the phases pass from one to another.

    • Wrathersian Lycans speak an ancient and broken language similar to Japanese, but different enough that those who can speak Japanese could only catch a few fragments of what the Lycans say.
    • They also heal more quickly in moonlight, and can be partially sustained by the moonlight, sort of like how plants photosynthesize in sunlight.

    Code: Wrathersian Strawberry

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