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    NAME: Angelique Everett. She doesn't like any shortenings of her name - call her Angelique, or else.
    ELEMENT: Fire

    ADDITIONAL WEAPON: A pack of weaponized playing cards. I'm not kidding. Moderately weighted, incredibly sharp, durable under most circumstances, and can be lit on fire for approx. 3 minutes without disintegrating. Only downfall? Somewhat easy to avoid, unless thrown in multiples. They're pretty avoidable if you know how they work. Also, you can't really play cards with them. These are generally bad when used in close range, although can be much more difficult to dodge depending on the distance between.

    APPEARANCE: Rough, tough, and completely badass - you gotta be those things to be a Firebender, Angelique is no exception to this rule. She really enjoys the color black, extensively, so her entire outfit is made of nothing but black clothes and dark-colored accessories. Yep. Starting from top to bottom, she prefers to were a form-fitting black tank top, which not only allows for ample and limber movement in battle (allowing her to perform difficult evasive moves like a spinning side jump with a bit more ease), but also accentuates curves excellently (she'll argue that she has none to accentuate). To add in to her flexibility, she adds in a pair of almost-knee-length yoga shorts with a circle skirt overtop. And to top it all off, she wears some snazzy combat boots with camoflauge lining. Oddly enough, although the outfit in theory sounds extreme bizarre and mismatching, it seems to work effectively.

    Accessories aren't a major concern in her fashion sense, but that doesn't go to say that she doesn't use them. On her wrist, she'll wear various assorted bands of dark colors, most of which fit fine (there are a few loose, saggy ones that's she's too lazy to fix). She also carries around her favorite black messenger bag, which contains assorted items that she probably won't really reveal. The only confirmed things inside it are extra packs of weaponized playing cards (they gotta run out eventually), some emergency snacks, and two bottles of water that she drinks intermittently, as well as some money stored inside an inner pocket on the left side, for easy access. She may pick up random trinkets she discovers on her adventure and put them inside, which seems to be the case as the bag is halfway full and retains some detectable weight. (General reference for outfit; missing a few things, like actual wristbands and yoga shorts)

    Now, to her physical appearance. With all her black clothes, one would suspect her to have black hair; but nope, you are mistaken. She actually has dirty blonde hair... but with black highlights. Under normal circumstances, she'll keep her hair in a disheveled ponytail, with her bangs pulled back. On a rare occasion where she lets her hair down, she'll style it up with some fancy curls that look real quirky, I'll say. (Reference for ponytail; for curly; just imagine black highlights plz). She has some striking green eyes, piercing as a jaguar's in the jungle night. She's got a decently defined chin and jaw, and maintains a moderate tan; honestly, it's slightly less than one that a person who deals with fire would have, but it's good enough. She's of very, eh, lackluster build, although she's more acrobatic in her moves as opposed to powerful, so it works out for her somewhat. She weighs in at an acceptable 165 lbs.

    PERSONALITY: Ah, where to begin... well, Angelique, for lack of better words, just straight up doesn't give a ****. She's very carefree and independent, and rarely stops to worry about anyone other than herself. She maintains a very close circle of friends, and isn't keen to making any new ones. Although she's usually easygoing, socializing with her is just... well, difficult, and nearly impossible. She doesn't take to anyone easily, and is heavily judgemental, to the point where she'll outright refuse to associate with someone if they don't meet at least one of her standards. She won't really make friends outside of those who are similar in fashion and tastes, so don't expect her to be warm and inviting.

    In addition to being carefree, she is also very passionate in whatever she does; be it travelling, fighting, or even defending something she takes to strongly, she will do it with the highest extent her emotional psyche will allow. Her passion is also her downfall, however, as it can make her extremely angry in the midst of battle, or negatively resentful of someone she's arguing with. Her fury often dulls her abilities and what few social skills she manages to retain, and when that happens, she just gets more upset. She does her best to keep it under control, but many situations will reveal that she's an amateur at a faux persona.

    BRIEF HISTORY: Angelique didn't live too bad of a life, honestly. Although her dad died before she was born (he died a hero, mind you), her mother did an okay job of raising her. Perhaps the only thing her mom didn't realize was that she was so afraid of Angelique growing up wrong that she didn't let her go and play with the other kids. Angelique was left to a life of playing alone and not really getting to know many of the kids around her town, making her extremely antisocial. She learned to deal with and eventually savor the silence and solitude, becoming the usual shut-in shy girl who wouldn't speak to anyone.

    And then came the fateful day, her fifth birthday, where she was taken from her home to become an Avatar. Well, more to be tested if she was an avatar. Her mother, although fearful that something would happen to Angelique while she was gone, did give her up under the premise that her daughter "had better return exactly how she left, with not a scrape on her knee or a tear in her eye." Angelique was 100% opposed to the idea, since she didn't want to go halfway across the world to do a whole bunch of work (she might be shy, but she's still lazy as all hell), but since she couldn't exactly overpower the guards who took her and really had no say as a five-year-old, she went along.

    At the camp, she immediately stood out as the worst bender, because she just didn't really want to learn how to bend. She thought that it was pointless, and generally unnecessary to bend when everything where she lived was peaceful (she obviously hasn't visited Republic City at this point lol). She actually went through three different mentors - the first two were entirely too fed up with having to work with her stubbornness, so the camp advisers had no choice but to give Angelique a mentor who was equally as stubborn: Marilynn.

    With Marilynn instructing her, Angelique became somewhat interested in bending, but the "worst bender" problem still presented itself because Angelique truly had no talent in bending. The usual long-distance style of attacking wasn't working very well for her, so Marilynn had to create a new style of firebending that dealt with mostly close range attacks. The style involves a combination of physical hits, such as punching or kicking, alongside the use of fire; basically, Angelique does actual fighting, but utilizes fire in her attack to give them more oomph. She can also use projectile attacks like small fireballs at close-range. Angelique can still do most of the long-distance attacks that come with the usual Firebending style, but the only one she's actually good at is the Fire Breath.

    One might think that this style is terrible, but few benders are actually prepared for close-range fighting. Most bending-styles specializes mostly in long-range attacks, with few close combat moves available to each element. This gives Angelique a one-up since her opponents usually aren't adept at defending themselves when she's right in their face.

    However, Angelique still lacked in long-distance abilities, and Marilynn had no clue how she was supposed to help this child when she couldn't use her abilities to hit far-away foes. However, the solution appeared the day that the camp introduced weapons to the children. Each child was permitted a weapon, should they desire one, and while most kids immediately requested a sword or some other sharp object, Anelique was fascinated immediately by something rather obscure - fighting cards.

    At first, Marilynn discouraged the idea, since they were a rather... well, useless in a sense. However, she realized that they would do well enough to cover Angelique's long-distance issues, so she issued them to Angelique immediately. She showed promise in using them, doing rather well with target practice on both the boards and the fighting dummies. They officially became Angelique's weapon of choice.

    At the end of the camp's days, Angelique was not picked as the avatar, which didn't surprise her because she still sucked at bending. She was finally glad to be sent home, but not soon after, her mother made plans to move to Republic City. Although the idea of a huge, bustling city scared both of them, Angelique had a new-found confidence in both her bending abilities and just generally becoming confident through socializing with the kids at the camp, and her mother knew it would be better for both of them, so they both packed up their stuff and headed out.

    Throughout the rest of Angelique's childhood, her mother worked very measly jobs that just barely got them by, so Angelique had to stay with relatives in Republic City most of the time. These relatives introduced Angelique to Pro-Bending tournaments, taking her to see them often. Angelique fell in love with the tournaments, enjoying all the bending and excitement that came from them. Upon turning 16, she attempted to enter one of the tournaments but was denied because she showed very little bending ability, and the operators of the tournament didn't want any of the teams to have an extremely weak link.

    However, Angelique still went to all the matches just to watch, and her mother actually managed to land a job as an accountant for Republic City's Pro-Bending corporation, which pays for her's and Angelique's tickets to see the matches. Angelique still hopes to join in one eventually, but she knows that her skills are gonna hold her back if she manages to get in. If only there was something she could do to get in...

    "Come on Angelique! You're supposed to focus!"

    Why did this woman keep yelling at her? Angelique scrunched up her five-year-old face, taking the starting stance that most Firebenders took before they would launch an attack. She clenched her fists together hard, trying to feel the burning heat coursing through her veins. So many times she had done this today; each time ended in absolute failure. But this time would be different... she hoped. The heat, it was faint, but it was there - and Angelique seized every opportunity she could get anymore.

    "Hyah!" She lunged forward, stomping firmly on the ground and throwing her right fist forward, feeling her blood boil as... as a very minuscule and pathetic flame shot from the air around her knuckles. The tip of the fire barely brushed the singed torch wick before it dissipated in a pitiful flourish. Angelique moaned in distress and dropped down onto her tush. "I can't do it! The fire won't come out!"

    Angelique's instructor, Marilynn, shook her head in disappointment - not for the reason that Angelique had failed, but because she was giving up once again. It was the fourth time today; her lack of motivation was absolutely heartbreaking. "Angelique, I've told you a thousand times: you can't succeed if you don't try. Stop giving up because you can't get it to work the first time. No one ever does, believe me. I've been doing this for eight years and -"

    "Come on lady, save me the speech!" Angelique griped, crossing her arms and pouting. "I've done a lot of this stuff today, okay? Can't I have a break for once? I'm hungry, and I need a nap! It's been six hours since we started and it's obviously going nowhere!"

    Marilynn sighed. "Kid, look, I know you wanna take a break; everyone here wants to take a break. I've been wanting a break longer than you have. Hell, I didn't even want to come in today. But..." She kneeled down, to be close to eye level with Angelique, who had wrapped her arms around her legs and looked away. "You can't just give up like that. I know you want to quit, because believe me, so do I. But if we quit, where's that gonna get us?"

    Angelique thought about that question; where would that put them? "I dunno... I guess it'd put me back home, and put you... here?"

    Marilynn smiled, realizing that Angelique probably didn't know much about her life. "Yeah, it'd put me at home too, kiddo. But hey, where's the fun in that? Sitting at home, doing nothing; doesn't this sound more exciting? Come on, this is interesting! You're creating fire out of nothing! Don't tell me that doesn't appeal to you in any way at all!"

    "Hmm..." Angelique had to admit that Marilynn was right; if she was at home, she wouldn't really get to do much outside of playing ball or sitting by a pond. Here, she was useful, and wanted even. They wanted her to make fire, because fire is awesome! She jumped up, pumping her fists in the air. "You're right! I wanna make some fire! Let's burn stuff!"

    "That's the spirit!" Marilynn jumped up too before stepping back. "Now, show me that stance, and set those dumb old torch ablaze! Give me gusto! Give me bravado! Give me soul! But most of all, give me fire!"

    A quick stance, and with all the excitement lifting her adrenaline, Angelique thrust her fist forward, watching an amazing, geriatric fire come shooting from her hand, blanketing the torches in wonderfully red flames. As the fire cleared, much more dramatically this time, not only were the wicks on fire, but the torches themselves were on fire too. "I did it! Marilynn, I did it! I burnt the torches! Yeehee! Yay, I did it!" She jumped around happily, continuing her cheers as Marilynn doused the flames.

    "See kiddo, I knew you could do it!" Marilynn high-fived her, doing some of her own little cheers alongside her. "Alright, well, whew. So much excitement wore me out, eh? Let's go take a break; we don't wanna wear ourselves thin now."

    "Yeah! I like it! Wooo!" Angelique rushed off towards the rest building, with Marilynn following right behind.

    Marilynn watched Angelique's olive-colored locks dash off behind the door-frame, smiling at her own little prodigy. You're gonna do great things some day, kiddo. I know you will.

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