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    The Heavenly Quiet Protector

    Part N:


    Name: Shiro Takatsuki
    Sex: Female
    Age: 17
    Class/Job: Yovo Priestess' Daughter

    Shiro is pale-skinned, standing at five feet and two inches with a slender figure. She has deep ocean-blue eyes a tiny smile, and a small, round nose. Her hair is a light golden color and hangs neatly down to her shoulders, a red ribbon tied over her head. She wears a small silvery-white dress and a cross necklace, along with some comfortable sandals. Her appearance is very softly lit, and in well-lit areas, she always looks glowing.

    Shiro's Cursed Book, Holy Light.
    Holy Light
    A small red book with a thin golden cross jutting ever-so-slightly out of the front cover. The outer lining of the cover has decorative golden trim roughly 3-4 centimeters from the edges.

    Power: The ability to heal others of their wounds and suffering. The user can heal the injuries of others and take away the pain, but cannot heal his/herself. Lost limbs, appendages or organs cannot be regenerated or fixed, but can be mended back to the body if placed in the correct position, and has not been detached for more than fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes, the lost body part is no longer considered part of the body, and cannot be repaired or reattached.

    Curse: Any and all healing applied to a target is then measured into an amount of pain, which the user will suffer from until the pain goes away on its own or the pain is treated with appropriate medicine. This pain can come in the form of a headache, a stabbing pain somewhere on the body, or in more hazardous cases, blackouts. If the user passes out from pain caused by healing, he/she will not wake for a certain amount of time. The time of unconsciousness varies depending on the amount of pain applied, so if healing is overused, the user will be blacked out for longer. This unconsciousness could last as little as a minute or as long as two weeks, depending on how much pain the curse has inflicted.
    Empty Book: User suffers a lot of the target's pain. 80%
    Partly Full: User suffers the target's pain. 100%
    Half Full: User suffers more pain than the target. 140%
    Mostly Full: User suffers twice the pain of the target. 200%
    Filled Book: User no longer suffers pain when healing.

    Shiro's Grandmother's Cursed Book, Guardian Angel.
    Guardian Angel
    A medium blue book with a painting of an angel holding a large kite shield on the cover.

    Power: The ability to generate a magical shield that can block nearly anything, and deflect most things. It is entirely two-dimensional and can be replaced at any time, but can only exist in one place, so placing it somewhere else makes the original immediately disappear. At the start, the user can only place a shield as far as three feet from the fingertip, but it can be placed further the more the book is written.

    Curse: While a magical shield is in existence, the user is weaker than they originally were, meaning if someone or something were to get past or behind the shield, the user would be in danger. The further the book is filled, the more the user is weakened, and the bigger the shield is. Certain landmarks in book progression allow for more usability with the shield, though they amplify the curse when in use.
    Empty Book: Twice as weak as normal. +100%
    Partly Full: Three times weaker than normal. +200%
    Half Full: Four times weaker than normal. +300%
    Mostly Full: Five times weaker than normal. +400%
    Filled Book: No longer weakened by the shield. +0%
    Each landmark also gives the user a new perk in using the shield, while also making it more deadly to use.
    Empty Book: Shield is 2 meters in diameter.
    Partly Full: 2.5-meter diameter. Shield can be reshaped in any way with the same area, but more bending makes the user weaker.
    Half Full: 3-meter diameter. Shield can be placed twice as far away as normal (six feet), but the further the user is from the shield, the weaker the user is (outside of the 3-foot range).
    Mostly Full: 3.5-meter diameter. Two shields can be placed, but the second doubles the weakness of the user.
    Filled Book: Shields can now be placed anywhere, anyhow, and doesn't weaken the user. Infinite shields, infinite sizes, infinite placement possibilities.

    Likes: Helping Others, Freedom, Peace, Quiet, Meditation, Animals, Friends, Family, Affection, Kindness, Good Morality, and Love.

    Dislikes: Religion, Being told what to do, War, Loud Noise, Stress, Bugs, Monsters, Demons, Cruelty, Hatred, Tough Decisions, and Evil.

    Combat Technique/Weapon: Blessed Dagger (For self-defense, but she has little practice with it)

    History/Biography: Shiro lived a semi-quiet life in Yoko prior to the war. As a girl, she heard many stories of magical books and powers from her grandmother. Her mother discouraged her excitement over it, but she still found the idea interesting. However, her questions were more surprising than anything. "Many books existed, some created fire, some altered the world, some could change time, some could form explosions in the air... The power was something to be astounded by," her grandmother would explain. Though young Shiro would ask in response, "Were there books that helped people too, instead of hurting them?" Her grandmother went to her room and returned with a small, rectangular locked box. She put in the key and twisted it, showing a five-year-old Shiro an old and bruised book with an angel holding a shield painted on the cover. She explained that not every book was meant for fighting; some were there to give the opportunity to protect those you loved and cared for. Or for those who couldn't protect themselves. Shiro's grandmother promised her that she could take ownership of the book once she was old enough to understand the consequences. He mother reluctantly agreed. Months (and more stories) later, her grandmother passed away. With no father or grandparents, Shiro was left to keep dreaming on her own, and she did for years. Even as her mother brought her to work at the church, Shiro was always somewhere else in her head. Years passed peacefully in Yovo. Eventually Shiro's mother became more strict, and before she knew it, she was forced into following her mother's career as a priestess. Shiro didn't believe in the religion, but stayed reluctantly because she liked helping others. However, she disliked the religion because she didn't think giving false hope was going to help anyone. At the youthful but matured age of seventeen, Shiro finally stood up to her mother. With the rumors of war breaking out, Shiro took her grandmother's book and set off to figure out how she could prevent a war from destroying the nation. It was after she'd left that the black figure had handed her a book alongside a warning. With two books, and two curses, Shiro continued to survive on her own. She was able to make money and sustain herself by getting paid to heal others or reach ridiculous heights or places with her shields. She reaches the shores of Yovo, equipped with two books, a bag of clothes and money, and a single rumor she wishes to seek: a small group of cursed victims who were setting out to stop the war.

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