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Ah, so, scientifically, do you like Pokemon Gold, Silver & Crystal? Gen 2 was one of my personaly favourite generations of pokemon growing up!

In any case, welcome to PC, Sliter! It's always good to meet more people to talk about pokemon! Rom Hacking is quite a popular activity to do here too, so, do feel free to visit Emulation! I'm not quite a ROM hacker myself, but hey, I do love the ROM Hacks that members provide us! And I do hope that you'll learn all that you need to know. :3

We all have our personal preferences, so, no need to apologize on that regard! Just have fuuun, and don't worry about it too much! In any case, I do hope you'll enjoy what PC has to offer, and hey, if you ever wanna chat, I'm always open! I hope to see you again, and I hope you'll enjoy yourselfff!
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