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    Winter's Corner.
    Sixth Edition - 23.9.2013

    Hey, there! After about a year of this thread of being dormant, I am back with Winter's Corner, for those who want to read it! Winter's Corner, for those who do not remember, is a thread aimed at spreading the news of our little community. So, without further ado, the sixth edition of Winter's Corner!

    What's New?
    A couple years back, we got the Gold and Silver remakes known as Heart Gold and Soul Silver. These games featured magnificent new graphics, a recreation of the entire G/S/C series, and an updated gaming engine built on the DS platform. Along with these updates came music. Personally speaking, the HGSS music has been, by far, my favorite music introduced in any of the Pokemon games. Luckily for the ROM hackers, Gogojjtech has been hard at work importing the instruments and tracks of the music from HGSS into the 3rd generation games. So far, the patch works for Fire Red and Emerald, but it has been working beautifully. To check out Gogojjtech's thread on HGSS music, please clickhere.
    Next up is a step in customization, is custom Game Freak introductions. We're all familiar with the Fire Red/Leaf Green introduction with that Nidorino in a battle, but I've yet to see a hack in which this is edited. Shiny Quagsire has discovered how to completely hack the Game Freak introduction.This, while seemingly small, is a huge win for the ROM hacking community. This allows us to finally throw in our own personal spin on the game, bringing us one step closer into making it look less of a Hack, more of an individual game. Big kudos to Shiny Quagsire, and do check out his thread!

    Hacks to look forward to.
    A story of the discovery of Pokemon, creatures only known in legends and tales of old. In this hack, you play a sailor crash-landed on an island full of this creatures that were supposed to just be a tall-tale. In Pokemon Discovery you play the sailor who discovered Pokemon and fights his way to survive on an island he has washed ashore upon. This, evil trainers, and so much more waits for you in Pokemon Discovery!
    Continuing on the subject of upcoming hacks, is Pokemon Untitled: A New Age Dawns. This hack is one with a lot of promise. ANAD includes stemming storyline plots, along with decision-based gameplay that doesn't hinge to the traditional Pokemon game story. The game has loads of original ideas and, if implemented correctly, has serious potential later on in Hack of The Year.

    ROM Hack I'm personally looking at.
    If you're like me, you often, when doing a Nuzlocke challenge, find it hard to let your slain Pokemon go to the next world in peace. A part of you stops you from getting rid of your Pokemon. However, this hack is different. This edition's hack to be viewed is Roguelike Fire Red by JPANN. This hack is a small one, but very entertaining to play. It is simply Fire Red, but with ASM done to enforce Nuzlocke rules. The features are as follow:
    • Cannot save. Only save and quit. Saving becomes just a means to recontinue your game instead of rebattling trainers.
    • If a Pokemon faints and isn't revived before battles end, it gets deleted forever.
    • If a Pokemon dies of Poison outside of battle, it is gone forever.
    • Revives were made rarer.
    • If you black out, your save file is deleted and you start all over again.
    This little hack has a way of making you scream when you lose your starter Pokemon to a run to the Pokecenter while poisoned.

    Closing Notes.
    This concludes the sixth edition of Winter's Corner. I do hope you've enjoyed it, despite it's briefness. It's good to bring this back after about a year. Enjoy, and as always,
    Winter Sophia Kelly

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