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Started: June 9th, 2012
Picking up White after taking a hiatus. I booted up my game and I left off with 5 badges in Mistralton City. Tirtouga, Servine, and Darumaka evolved sometime ago.

I went to the Celestial Tower, but I already defeated most of the trainers. I met Skyla at the top and allowed her to return to the gym to meet her demise. My Carracosta and Darm whipped her Pokemon. I think getting through the gym maze was more of a challenge than Skyla.

My team was lacking in diversity, so I traded a Tynamo from Black version. I raised her level enough so that she would soon evolve. I also equipped a Thunderstone so I wouldn't have to look for one. Anyways, I named my Tynamo Levina, which means lightning bolt, but it also reminds me of Leviathan.

Nickname: Levina | Nature: Quiet

She then evolved while defeating trainers in Twist Mountain, which I still currently am in. ;_;

the crew
:: Yasmin the Serperior:: Level 36
:: Halstein the Carracosta :: Level 42
:: Nachos the Darmanitan :: Level 39
:: Arsemio the Sigilyph :: Level 38
:: Levina the Eelektrik :: Level 39
:: Panpour the Panpour :: Level 11

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