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    I like Azelf simply because the name sounds cool. And it's AWESOME at competitive. In fact, the other two are not bad either. In-game they are sort of like misc. legendaries who make up the Red Chain for big bad brute called Cyrus. Yes, I'm Cyrus serious. Mesprit in particular is a pain to catch and get a good one.

    The dudes themselves seem nice and likeable, and the lore behind them makes a good background. I think they are so-so, however, so I don't really think much of them.

    Their designs, as a matter of fact, are awesome. I like the fairy style and I do hope they get retyped (jfthoi) as Psychic/Fairy (maybe already are? idrk cuz I didn't hear the recent news) and so become fairy.

    They always do seem as chibi versions of some hawt fairies to me, too. Don't mind that, I'm just that kind of an introvert.