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    Has anyone here ever played any of the Pokemon Ranger Games?

    Originally Posted by pokefangunner View Post
    Hay everyone i've been wanting to play the 2 PokePark games for a long time, i was wondering what is the gameplay like?? is it a platformer? minigames? battles??? or all of these?? And are the games good?
    To answer your question, I've personally never played them, but I have seen other people play it on YouTube, and the gameplay is pretty much all three of those, but the controls for battles are a bit different from a regular Pokemon Game.

    For example, in the main Pokemon games you get to choose a move, but in the PokePark games, you have to press a certain button on the Wii Remote. (Example: in PokePark 2, the move ThunderShock is used by aiming at the Pokemon your using it on, and holding the 2 button and releasing it once it looks like its charged, but in PokePark 1 its either the -/+/1 button, I can't remember.)

    You also have to do a bit of platforming, but not much. (Mostly in PokePark 2)

    For the minigames, you have an explanation of the kind of minigame it is, the goal of it, and the controls.

    The Games are overall really fun to watch and play, but if you were to rate it on the story, go for PokePark 2, because 1's story isn't really that interesting, but 2's is really awesome.

    I hope this answered most, if not all, of your questions!