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    The Gentle Water Mancer

    Vale Institute
    Part N:

    "A Golden Ticket"

    Name: Michael Latif Lee

    Nickname: Archangel (In reference to the Archangel, Michael)

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Element: Water

    Appearance: (Click the sign-up's thumbnail to see the full image)
    Due to Michael's mana-tinged blood, he was born with an unnatural appearance. His hair, while originally meant to be black, came out an ocean blue, with the tips frosted white. His skin is pale, his eyes a gentle, glowing blue (another effect of the mana in his bloodstream). He is somewhat underfed, but physically fit and (aside from being malnourished) very healthy. He tends to smile very softly, though most often his expression is one of calm, deep thought. He often wears black shirts with blue or white pants, and his favorite light-blue scarf.

    Personality: Michael is, amusingly, very angelic by nature. With a harsh background, Michael became a very modest and caring young teen. He isn't one for self-pity, and is thankful for all that is given to him. He does his best to help others however he can, putting himself at the back of his mind and focusing on others. The only thing that ruins this personality trait, though, is Michael's shyness. He isn't very upfront, and tends to shy away from social interaction. He's not very talkative until he's befriended someone, but he's not one to go up to a person and try to make friends. He doesn't project his problems to anyone else, meaning he could be subject to bullying or being walked on (metaphorically) but he'd keep to himself rather than get help or tell someone. He tends to avoid problems, and instead move with the flow of his life. When alone, he enjoys reading, Tai Chi, and as of his entry to the academy, the wondrous world of technology. He'd go to the recreational center more often, but the only time he's ever truly had fun there, he was alone.

    History: Hidden

    Code: "Challenge... Me...?"